Google Docs Training Course

Google Docs Training Course

Our Google Docs training class teaches you how to quickly get up and running with these popular applications that help businesses and organizations share information and collaborate. In this Google Docs training class you’ll learn how to use Google Docs for word processing, spreadsheets, calendaring, and other capabilities. This class is customized to the needs of your organization, and only those capabilities that you are using are included as part of the training. This document provides a  menu of available topics and subjects to include in the training.

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Word Processing with Google Docs 

  • Browser Requirements 
  • Customize Your Setup with Google Docs Settings 
  • Importing Docs into Google 
  • Working with Documents 
  • Writing and editing Documents Offline 
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Documents 
  • Organizing and Finding Documents 
  • Spreadsheets in Google Docs

Getting Started with Google Docs Spreadsheets 

  • Creating a Spreadsheet 
  • Formatting a Spreadsheet 
  • Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns 
  • Working with Multiple Sheets 
  • Adjusting Cell Sizes 
  • Timesaving Data Entry Tricks 
  • Checking Your Spelling 
  • Inserting Images 
  • Sorting Data 
  • Formulas and Functions 
  • Labeling Cells and Columns with Range Names 
  • Working with Charts 
  • Displaying Data with Gadgets 
  • Printing a Spreadsheet 
  • Deleting a Spreadsheet 
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Spreadsheets 
  • Turn Back Time: Your Spreadsheet’s Revision History 

Slideshow Presentations in Google Docs

  • Getting Started with Google Docs Presentations 
  • Creating a Presentation 
  • Editing a Presentation 
  • Previewing a Presentation 
  • Printing a Presentation 
  • Deleting a Presentation 
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Presentations 
  • Turn Back Time: Your Presentation’s Revision History 

Using Gmail: Email with Google Apps

  • Reading and Filtering Email 
  • Writing and Sending Email 
  • Organizing and Searching Your Email 
  • Dealing with Spam 
  • Contacts: Your Gmail Address Book 
  • Customizing Gmail: Your Settings Options 

Using Google Calendar 

  • Creating a Calendar 
  • Working with Calendars 
  • Using Google Calendar with Other Calendar Programs 
  • Google Calendar on the Go 
  • Calendar Tricks for Google Apps Users 

Using Google Talk 

  • Getting Started with Google Talk 
  • Launching Google Talk Manually 
  • Working with Your Friends List 
  • Sending and Receiving Messages 
  • Transferring Files 
  • Inviting Web Site Visitors to Chat with You 
  • Signing Out of Google Talk 
  • The Google Talk Gadget: Taking Talk with You 
  • Google Talk and Gmail 
  • Making Free Voice Calls over the Internet

Creating Web Pages with iGoogle

  • Creating an iGoogle Page 
  • Customizing iGoogle 
  • Customizing, Sharing, and Creating Gadgets 
  • Organizing iGoogle Pages with Tabs 
  • iGoogle and Google Applications 
  • Getting Started with Page Creator 
  • Using Site Manager 
  • Editing and Designing Web Pages 
  • Publishing a Web Page 
  • Creating Multiple Web Sites 

Administering Google Apps 

  • Managing Users 
  • Managing Apps 
  • Managing Your Domain 
  • Signing Up for Google Apps 
  • Signing In and Learning Your Way Around 
  • Customizing Your Domain 
  • Adding Users 
  • Adding Domain Aliases 
  • Getting Support

It is not necessary that you have set-up a Google Docs account prior to starting this class. Our instructors will help with Google Docs administration and set-up as part of the training program.

You will receive a comprehensive course manual for this class developed or selected by the instructors at AGI.

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