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Visio Training Class - introduction

Visio Training Class Introduction

In this Microsoft Visio course learn the leading application for creating business diagrams, organization charts, flowcharts, and network diagrams. Discover how to use Visio to create floorplans, timelines, and brainstorming diagrams. Learn to use incorporate data into Visio diagrams to visualize key performance indicators and other metrics in context. In this one-day Visio course participants learn the mechanics of creating different types of diagrams, as well as how to use themes and styles to make drawings look more professional.

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Visio Training Class - introduction Course Dates

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Lesson 1: Visio Essentials

  • Key pages and commands in Visio
  • Understand tool tabs and add-in tabs
  • Use tool tabs
  • Use add-in tabs
  • Using starter diagrams
  • Explore the drawing window
  • Using Shapes window
  • Pan and zoom in the drawing window

Lesson 2: Creating diagrams with Visio

  • Place shapes using the Dynamic Grid
  • Select shapes
  • Copy, paste, and duplicate shapes
  • Position shapes by using rulers and guides
  • Use rulers and guides to align and size shapes
  • Resize, reposition, and reorient shapes
  • Use the Size & Position window  
  • Connect shapes by using lines
  • Create 2-D shapes using the line tools
  • Connect shapes by using dynamic connectors
  • Connect to shapes that contain connection points
  • Connect to shapes that do not contain connection points
  • Change connector style and segmentation
  • Use AutoConnect and Quick Shapes
  • Use AutoAdd and AutoDelete

Lesson 3: Manage text, shapes, and pages in Visio

  • Manage shape text
  • Add text to shapes
  • Reposition and resize shape text
  • Orient shape text
  • Create and format text
  • Add ScreenTips and comments
  • Insert pictures
  • Replace shapes   
  • Group shapes
  • Understanding and using layers
  • Manage pages
  • Work with foreground pages
  • Configure foreground pages
  • Manage Auto Size
  • Work with background pages and borders

Lesson 4: Create business process diagrams using Visio

  • Select a flowchart template
  • Create flowcharts
  • Understanding and building swimlane diagrams
  • Design BPMN diagrams
  • Create subprocesses

Lesson 5: Use Visio to create organization charts

  • Understand organization charts
  • Using org chart templates
  • Building organization charts manually
  • Use existing data to create an organization chart
  • Use the Organization Chart Wizard with new data   
  • Alter layout and appearance
  • Arranging shapes and changing appearance
  • Apply themes
  • Import photographs into organization charts

Lesson 6: Add style, color, and themes to Visio diagrams and charts

  • Align and space shapes
  • Align and space shapes automatically
  • Understand theme concepts
  • Apply themes and variants
  • Customize themes and variants
  • Use effects and Quick Styles
  • Apply solid, gradient, and pattern fills
  • Apply line colors and patterns
  • Use the Format Painter

Lesson 7: Print and share diagrams

  • Preview and print drawings
  • Remove personal information
  • Create graphics
  • Save drawings in other file formats
  • Create templates
  • Share diagrams by using the Visio Viewer
  • Publish diagrams to the web
  • Set publishing options

A computer with Microsoft Visio is provided for use for this class in our classrooms. We recommend that you have Visio installed on your own computer to allow for you to continue to use Visio after class.

You will receive a comprehensive Visio book developed by the instructor. This Visio training book is published by Microsoft Press. You will learn directly from an expert instructor.

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