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Windows 10 UX revisions

  • Published on February 7, 2015
Windows 10 UX revisions

The Windows 10 user experience will have some changes from Windows 8 as Microsoft consolidates the Windows experience that has been fragmented across Windows Phone, Windows RT, and Windows for desktop.

Windows 10 user experience with legacy applications

The new Windows 10 UX will still allow older applications to run on laptops and desktop computers as long as they have displays larger than 8 inches in diameter. The vast majority of traditional desktop and laptop computers fall into this category, allowing them to continue to run older Windows applications. Smaller devices will no longer have an option to run older, legacy Windows applications. As part of the Windows 10 user experience, smaller form-factor devices, such as small tablets and phones, will run modern Windows 10 apps, but not the older legacy apps.

Windows 10 UX on desktops and notebooks

Most desktop and notebook computers will include a throwback to the traditional Windows UX by including a start menu, making it easier to launch programs, find files, and adjust computer settings. The Windows 10 start menu has an updated look, yet it provides all the familiar functionality that users expect from Microsoft Windows.

A virtual assistant helps with the Windows 10 user experience

Microsoft will be including a virtual assistant, Cortana, with Windows 10. They originally introduced Cortana to Windows Phone users. Cortana can help with reminders, such as when to leave for an appointment, or what to do when you arrive at a certain location. With the advent of Windows 10, Cortana expands beyond the phone and on to the desktop. The virtual assistant will be available on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. The Windows 10 UX includes access to this and other services consistently across different devices.

Windows 10 UX for Phone

The user experience for Windows 10 phones has evolved to include a microphone icon to support greater input that doesn’t require typing. Windows 10 also adds more options to free their existing pilot, and the training over the January term can be reviewed to see if there are items within the area.

Windows 10 UX Training

You can learn all about Windows 10 UX through guidelines being created and distributed by Microsoft, or through Windows 10 UX training. Windows 10 UX training is available from three-time Microsoft MVP Jennifer Smith from American Graphics Institute who can provide training to groups, individuals, or assist with strategy and UX design for specific projects. These are part of our UX training offerings and services.

Windows 10 UX revisions

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