If you’re working on Windows 10 UX for an app that will be used on phones, you will benefit from downloading the new Windows 10 for Phones preview. The Windows 10 preview is an early release of the operating system, and is intended for app designers and developers. It can be downloaded and run on many Windows Phones that are currently running Windows Phone 8.1. It allows you to test and design the Windows 10 user experience for phones.

The Windows 10 UX has changed for phones. Following are some differences compared to Windows Phone 8.1. Some of these impact the overall operating system, while others may change the way you plan and design a Windows 10 for Phone app:

There’s a new browser rendering engine that updates and improves the way that web content is displayed.

Interactive notifications make it much easier for a user to take action from a notification. From dismissing an alarm to replying to a text message right from the notification, the Windows 10 UX makes it possible for users to quickly address notifications. These will change the user experience within Windows 10 for Phone and the way in which users will interact with mobile apps.

Speech to text capabilities are being enhanced and spread across more of the Windows 10 UX for phone. Virtually all data fields will now support transferring speech to text, including the addition of punctuation which is added automatically as the speech is transcribed to text. This changes the Windows 10 UX considerably for phone, as users will become accustomed to speaking responses and commands rather than using the pop-up keyboard to respond.

The integrated Photos app has been enhanced, making it easier to view and work with both local and cloud-stored photos.

The Action Center provides more Quick Actions, expanding on the limit of four programmable actions that were available.

The start screen can now be customized with full-screen background images.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process for designing for Windows 10, consider the UX training classes offered at American Graphics Institute, which provide insight and guidance on best practices for designing for different form factors, devices, and operating systems.

Windows 10 UX for Phones preview available