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Creative Cloud 2017 Review

  • Published on January 29, 2017
Creative Cloud 2017 Review

This Creative Cloud 2017 review provides an in-depth look at each of the core Adobe CC 2017 applications. Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 includes many different applications, as it is not a single all-inclusive tool. The new features added in CC 2017 impact users differently depending upon the type of work they perform. Those creating printed materials with Creative Cloud 2017 may see little or no change to the way in which they work. Yet those creating and editing video using different Adobe CC tools may find new functionality and workflow options that makes their work more efficient. Others working in the field of UX design may discover new tools within Adobe CC that previously did not exist, helping them to more quickly design and test apps and interfaces. Our CC 207 review provides coverage of each of the apps, with links to more detailed reports. American Graphics Institute is testing these apps and expects to soon begin including these latest updates in Creative Cloud training classes.

Creative Cloud 2017 Photoshop Updates Reviewed

It’s difficult to believe Adobe could add anything new in Photoshop CC 2017. Adobe is working to keep Photoshop relevant a full 25 years after the launch of the standard-bearer in image editing tools. Most of the updates to Photoshop CC 2017 involve working more closely with other Adobe tools, with some new functionality added to selections and masking capabilities, and additional text functionality. You can read more in the complete Photoshop CC 2017 review

InDesign Creative Cloud 2017 New Features

Adobe’s InDesign CC 2017 new features, like those of Photoshop, are incremental rather than revolutionary. As an app that has passed the decade mark, Adobe is also trying to keep it relevant. The changes to InDesign Creative Cloud 2017 are minor enhancements rather than major changes. These range from working with footnotes and certain types of fonts, to minor changes relating to the way InDesign can handle a list of numbers. You can find out more in the comprehensive InDesign CC 2017 review.

Illustrator Creative Cloud 2017 Capabilities

The Illustrator CC 2017 new features borrow from its close cousin, Adobe InDesign. Many InDesign users will see more convergence between the apps, which are now providing very similar functionality. Almost all the Creative Cloud 2017 features added to Illustrator were already available within InDesign. The Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 review provides complete details.

Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2017 updates

A review of Premiere Pro CC 2017 new features reveals an application targeted at experienced users working in groups. A new Team Projects functionality added to Premiere Pro CC 2017 makes it easier for groups to collaborate on editing, even when the users are in different locations. As is often the case with Adobe applications, a Premiere Pro CC 2017 bug-fix was made available shortly after the initial release of the app. This included critical features that were broken at the initial launch, and emphasized why it is useful to wait before updating Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Complete details are found in the Premiere Pro CC 2017 review.

Review of Creative Cloud 2017 After Effects Changes

As with Premiere Pro, the most significant change in After Effects CC 2017 is Team Projects. There is also additional new functionality focused on efficiency. This includes real-time revisions on extruded 3D objects in the timeline and increasing the use of a computer’s Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). This means that effects render more quickly, as tasks previously handled by the main computer processor are moved to a chip on the computer that is specifically designed for working with graphics. The upgrade to After Effects CC 2017 makes the sense for Creative Cloud subscribers working with video apps. Learn more in the complete After Effects CC 2017 review.

Adobe Animate CC 2017 Review

When Adobe Flash was discontinued it led to the birth of Adobe Animate. More than a simple rebranding of the old app, Adobe Animate CC 2017 includes support for virtual cameras, the ability to export to an animated GIF, and HTML5 canvas support for reusable components. Adobe Animate CC also adds better ability to create and organize vector brushes and support for both pressure and tilt using Paint Brush. A comprehensive Adobe Animate CC 2017 review covers all the new functionality.

Adobe UX App for Creative Cloud 2017 Reviewed

Adobe’s UX app is Adobe XD, which is short for Experience Design. The designs created using Adobe XD can be created within the app, then previewed within the same app, or on attached iPhones, iPads, and Androids using a companion app that runs on iOS and Android devices. The UX design and prototyping process using Adobe XD was initially only available for Mac computers, but a Windows version is now available. Both are preview versions, as the app continues to undergo frequent changes. Our complete Adobe XD review provides a detailed look at the this UX app.

Creative Cloud 2017 review summary

For most of its applications, Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 is an evolutionary rather than revolutionary update. It continues a tradition of providing modest improvements to its core applications. Adobe continues to invest more effort into building functionality that encourages more spending with Adobe beyond the base subscription fee. This includes purchasing stock photos and fonts. It would be ideal if Adobe invested as much effort into the speed and efficiency of the core Creative Cloud applications. With major updates now occurring every 18 to 24 months, Creative Cloud users will need to wait and see what Adobe may deliver in the future.

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