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8 Best Photoshop Courses and Classes of 2021

  • Published on August 17, 2021
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Our team of photo editing and retouching experts has assembled a list of the 8 Best Photoshop Courses for 2021. This includes online Photoshop courses and in-person classes, as well as on-demand learning, including free resources. The courses we have selected include a range of live online Photoshop classes to in-person courses and self-paced training. The list of best Photoshop classes includes introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses to cover the needs of all learners. Our expert instructors who are the authors of multiple books on Photoshop and retouching assembled this list of the best ways to learn Photoshop in 2021 and have provided information about each course or tutorial. The best Photoshop classes are updated for the current version of Photoshop. While learning you can use the free trial version or subscribe to the app monthly from the Photoshop website. This has been updated for August 2021.

Best Photoshop courses and classes

  • Photoshop Bootcamp: Best intensive training

  • Introduction to Photoshop Training Class: Best class for beginners

  • Intermediate Photoshop Training Class: Best refresher course

  • Advanced Photoshop Training Class: Best class for professionals

  • Photoshop Certificate: Best class for mastering Photoshop

  • Photoshop Basic Skills Training: Best basics course

  • Photoshop Copy and Paste Training: Best for essential skills 

  • Photoshop Filters Course: Best free intermediate self-paced course

8 Best Photoshop Courses and Classes for 2021

Best Intensive Class: Photoshop Bootcamp

This comprehensive Photoshop class teaches foundational skills through intermediate topics. It is designed to help you learn Photoshop in a week. The bootcamp covers the same materials as introductory and intermediate Photoshop courses but it is delivered in a one-week intensive course. Participants learn how to use Photoshop tools to retouch and color correct, as well as manipulate adjustment layers. The Photoshop bootcamp starts with foundational topics and then migrates to more advanced skills as the week progresses.

Benefits of the Photoshop Bootcamp:

  • Live instructor-led class

  • Gain experience editing and retouching images

  • Learn to manipulate layers

  • Master the navigation of Photoshop’s workspace

  • Remove backgrounds to create layered compositions

  • Detailed, thorough curriculum

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “I went from an absolute beginner to fully understanding how to use Photoshop efficiently in this week. Great class.” -Caitlin O.


Best Course for Beginners: Introductory Photoshop Training Class

For those who just want to learn the basics of Photoshop, this two-day introductory class is the foundation course to get you started. Course participants learn how to properly use Photoshop’s tools to retouch and color correct images, as well as receive an introduction to professional imaging workflows. Even experienced Photoshop users who have never had any formal training will benefit from learning both essential skills as well as tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts to work more efficiently.

Benefits of the Photoshop Training Class — Introduction:

  • Live instructor-led class

  • Learn color correction

  • Use content-aware tools to remove distracting elements

  • Users of all proficiencies can solidify their basic skillset

  • Learn basics of painting and retouching

  • Understand how to use layers

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “It was very helpful to have a small group where we could get personalized instruction. She made me feel comfortable to ask questions. There was not one thing she couldn’t answer during the course of two days!! I would find it beneficial to attend another training in the future with her.” -Hilary S


Best course for users needing a refresher: Intermediate Photoshop Training Class

Our mid-level Photoshop class is for professional designers, retouchers, and marketers who need to create complex selections and designs with digital images. In this course, participants discover creative ways to use Photoshop filters, learn to manipulate adjustment layers, and speed up production tasks with automation and buttons.

Benefits of the Photoshop Training Class — Intermediate:

  • Use layer styles and adjustment layers

  • Learn tools for creating web, video, and interactive images

  • Discover how to use Smart Objects in Photoshop

  • Learn to use more complex Photoshop layers

  • Find out navigational shortcuts

  • Live instructor-led class

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “...awesome! There were only 3 of us in the class and we were able to ask questions. [The instructor] handled the class professionally and was clear.” -Courtney W


Best course for professionals: Photoshop Training Class — Advanced

For those who want to become Photoshop experts, an advanced Photoshop course provides a capstone for gaining the ultimate Photoshop skills. In this class, participants learn to create complex composites with both text and layer effects. Attendees also learn to integrate effects and colors for realistic images, along with advanced tips that are helpful for even the most experienced Photoshop users.

Benefits of the advanced Photoshop training class:

  • Live instructor-led class

  • Customize menu items and keyboard shortcuts

  • Learn to use Adobe Bridge

  • Create special effects

  • Learn advanced selection techniques

  • Use Photoshop for 3D

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “[The teacher] was great about applying the course to what I needed to know about Photoshop. Each lesson was beneficial to me and was clearly taught. He is clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to design and Photoshop. The class went by quickly but I did not feel overwhelmed with material. I am glad that it was hands-on because it was helpful to practice each lesson as we covered new material.” -Heather S.


Best course for mastering: Photoshop Certificate

For current and aspiring digital artists who want to master Photoshop and the related tools necessary for digital imaging, the Photoshop certificate is a good choice. The certificate provides a solid foundation for manipulating and retouching images and understanding all aspects of digital imaging. Participants are prepared for work in design, creative, and marketing fields through the series of courses and portfolio building. The Photohsop certificate program offers rolling admissions, with new classes starting monthly.

Benefits of the Photoshop Certificate:

  • Build composites from multiple images

  • Learn advanced masking techniques

  • Learn to effectively use other integrated creative tools

  • Make a creative brief and product for a client

  • Leave with an online portfolio of work created during the class

  • Live instructor-led classes with mentors and teachers

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Certificate details and dates


Best Free course for the basics: Photoshop Tutorial: Photoshop Basics in Photoshop

Get a solid foundation in working with Adobe Photoshop settings by completing this step-by-step tutorial, which provides instructions on how to combine images, as well as navigating image resolution and file size. Additionally, the tutorial introduces different file formatting options for use in both digital and print. This is a good resource for beginners who need help maneuvering through the Photoshop workspace.

Benefits of the Photoshop Training:

  • Learn to open an existing document

  • Develop a composite using several images

  • Navigate document settings like image size and resolution

  • Create multiple layers

  • Clearly written instructions and explanations

  • Developed by Photoshop experts

Format: Self-paced tutorial

Training details


Best for essential skills: Photoshop Copy and Paste Training

In this tutorial which we’ve ranked as best for essential skills, learn copying and pasting as Photoshop approaches this process a bit differently than other apps you may use. In this free training you learn to combine images while gaining an understanding of image resolution and also file size. This training also covers the basics of file formats and options for saving your files for use in different formats.

Benefits of this Photoshop Training:

  • Learn to combine images

  • Discover drag and drop between images

  • Find out how to use copy and paste in Photoshop

Format: Self-paced tutorial

Training details


Best free intermediate self-paced course: Photoshop Filters Course

This tutorial provides you with a foundation for working with Adobe Photoshop filters. Learn how to use Photoshop filters to apply interesting effects to your images. This training can be taken on its own or with others.

Benefits of this Photoshop Training:

  • Understand basics of filters

  • Learn to apply filters

  • Find out how to modify filter settings

Format: Self-paced tutorial

Training details 


Is it possible to learn Photoshop online

Yes, you can learn Photoshop online with live classes or self-paced training. Live classes provide the opportunity to ask questions and get help as you work through projects and learn new concepts. Self-paced learning requires dedicated time and can involve research if you don’t understand concepts.

How long does it take to learn Photoshop

Most professionals require 12 to24 hours of training to learn Photoshop skills to the level that are required for work. Professional designers require more time, while those who use Photoshop casually require less time. 

Can you learn Photoshop in a week

Yes, you can learn Photoshop in a week with an intensive Photoshop Bootcamp, which we ranked as the best intensive Photoshop class. This course includes 24 hours of class time spread over most of a work week. It includes introductory through intermediate skills, and provides the foundation needed for working efficiently in Photoshop.

How much does it cost to learn Photoshop

Learning Photoshop ranges from free with online tutorials and a great deal of patience to $595 for a small-group Photoshop class that has you learn hands-on with a live instructor.

Are Photoshop classes worth the cost

The best Photoshop classes that we have listed here that require tuition do have some advantages. They are live classes, so you can ask questions of the instructor, and they are small-group which allows you to get personalized attention. The paid courses that we’ve listed as best also include the ability to retake the course for free.

How can you learn Photoshop faster

The best way to learn Photoshop faster is to take an intensive course. If you are a beginner, taking the two-day introductory to Photoshop class will teach you basic Photoshop skills quickly. You can talk with the instructor as you learn live, and ask questions to make sure you fully understand each concept as you quickly learn Photoshop.

How to get Photoshop certified

You can get Photoshop certified online though the online Photoshop certification which confirms your skills across a wide range of digital imaging skills. This independent certification was created by the professionals that developed the official Adobe training materials and have authored more than 10 Photoshop training books.

Criteria for selecting best Photoshop courses and classes for 2021

The team that selected the best Photoshop classes are instructors, authors and experts in Photoshop. The criteria used in determining the courses includes evaluating the educational curriculum to make certain it meets the needs of students. The educational outcomes of past students are also evaluated through identifying courses that are highly rated by past students who have noted positive experience with their classes. The expertise of the instructors also factors into determining whether a course makes it into the list of best Photoshop classes, as those teaching the best classes are expected to have exceptional skills with Photoshop and also teaching skills that are well suited for adult learners. A final area in which course selection for the best Photoshop classes is considered is accessibility to the widest possible audience through online learning. All of the best Photoshop classes selected are available as online courses, although some are also available for in-person learning for those that prefer to attend in a classroom. Overall these criteria allowed the expert evaluators to develop this list of the best Photoshop classes for 2021.

About the author

 is a user experience designer, Photoshop expert, educator and author based in Boston. She is the author of more than 20 books on design tools and processes, including Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies, Adobe Creative Cloud Digital Classroom, and Photoshop Digital Classroom. She has been awarded a Microsoft MVP three times for her work with user experience design in creating apps for touch, desktop, and mobile devices. Jennifer holds the CPUX-F credential from the UXQB.

Jennifer delivers UX training and UX consulting for large Fortune 100 companies, small start-ups, and independent software vendors. She has been hired by Adobe and Microsoft to deliver training workshops to their staff, and has traveled to Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East, and across the U.S. to deliver courses and assist on UX design projects. She has extensive knowledge of modern UX Design, and worked closely with the Microsoft Windows team to create educational material and deliver UX workshops to key partners globally on behalf of Microsoft. Jennifer works with a wide range of prototyping tools including XD, Sketch, Balsamiq, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Blend for Visual Studio. She also works extensively in the fields of presentation design and visual design.