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How to Become a Graphic Designer

  • Published on July 29, 2021
how to become a graphic designer

To become a graphic designer you must undergo training, practive the trade, and gain experience with design principles, processes, and tools. In exploring how to become a graphic designer it is important to understand the role of graphic designers, along with the training required, tools used, and the skills required. Graphic designers practice the art of visual communication to share information, meaning, and emotion. Graphic designers define the aesthetics for projects using elements including color, shape, size, form, space, and typography.

UX Workshop at Venture for America 2021

  • Published on July 2, 2021
UX Workshop at Venture for America

As part of our commitment to sharing graphic design, web design and UX skills with community organziations, we have presented a UX design principles workshop to fellows at Venture for America (VFA) for the past six years. The VFA fellows learn the principles behind creating great websites and also gain an appreciation for the entire user experience design process that is put into any product.