Adobe has released a set of new mobile Creative Cloud applications for iOS devices including the iPad and iPhone. Like the Creative Cloud itself, these new apps cover a range of uses including illustration, imaging, and video editing. Adobe has enabled many of these apps to also sync with a desktop or notebook computer version of the complete version of the Adobe CC tools. The new tools released by Adobe are described below.
Photoshop Sketch functions as a drawing tablet that complements both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. With Sketch users can sketch using either a stylus or a fingertip on their mobile devices.
Photoshop Mix is another mobile app from Adobe. It provides users with an editing tool that offers image manipulation and layer management tools.
Lightroom Mobile works on either an iPad or iPhone and offers a social connection for sharing photos and for commenting on shared work. Lightroom Mobile also lets users send photos along with GPS metadata when images are uploaded.
Brush ­­­­­­is used to create artistic brushes used in Photoshop. You can create your brushes on this iOS app, then transfer them to Photoshop.
Illustrator Line provides an array of drawing tools that have been streamlined for mobile use while Illustrator Draw works with Line by increasing the creator’s ability to distribute shapes, as well as transforming their work to Illustrator CC in order to gain full control over the editing process.
Shape offers users the chance to create shapes that can be further manipulated in the Adobe CC apps. Shape makes it possible to take high-contrast images and transform them into vector art, which can be used in both Adobe Illustrator Line and Illustrator CC through the use of the Creative Cloud Libraries.
Color is a utility for capturing color that can be used in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.
Premiere Clip is Adobe's first-ever video editing app for iOS . It allows for basic video editing such as applying transitions and cuts. Projects started in Adobe Premiere Clip can then be imported into the more robust Adobe Premiere Pro application for comprehensive editing tools.
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Adobe Creative Cloud adds mobile apps