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ColdFusion Class Online November 28, 2016

Fast Track to ColdFusion Training Class

Mon, Nov 28 2016 to Wed, Nov 30 2016
9:30 a.m.
American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

An introductory-level ColdFusion class for Web developers, this course covers an overview of ColdFusion's components and features as well as the skills you need to get up and running with the program. Learn to create exciting and high-powered applications in this ColdFusion course, building upon your experience and existing familiarity with the Web. In addition to the in-person classroom instruction, this course includes a detailed ColdFusion training manual produced by the AGI's Adobe-Certified Instructors so you can continue to develop your skills on your own.

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Fast Track to ColdFusion Training Class Course Topics

ColdFusion Class Overview

  • About the class
  • Class objectives
  • Class prerequisites
  • Class format

Introducing ColdFusion

  • Advantages of dynamic web pages
  • Using ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
  • ColdFusion components and features
  • Configuring ColdFusion environments
  • Creating local variables with <cfset>
  • Referencing variables
  • Displaying variable values using <cfoutput>

Publishing database content with ColdFusion

  • Understanding relational databases
  • Using database drivers to connect to data sources
  • Understanding the <cfquery> tag
  • ColdFusion Administrator debugging
  • Using <cfoutput> to display database data
  • Additional information returned with queries

Building forms with ColdFusion

  • Understanding HTML forms and form control
  • Self-Posting forms
  • Form submission with <cfif> and IsDefined()
  • The <cfparam> tag
  • Converting to Cold

Building search interfaces with ColdFusion

  • Using form data in dynamic queries
  • Preserving form data
  • Creating dynamic SQL
  • Using multiple search criteria
  • Creating a dynamic SQL statement
  • Using text searches & list searches

Building a drill-down interface with ColdFusion

  • Using Dynamic URL parameters
  • Creating a query string
  • Dynamic URL parameters
  • Creating a data drill-down
  • Data drill-down page

Inserting new data with ColdFusion

  • Building an insert form page
  • Using ColdFusion validation
  • Using client-side validation
  • Using server-side validation
  • Creating custom validation
  • Building insert action logic
  • Using <cfquery> with INSERT
  • Redirecting process flow with the <cflocation> tag

Updating data with ColdFusion

  • Building an update form page
  • Providing the primary key for update
  • Pre-filling HTML forms
  • Building update logic with  <cfquery>

Reusing templates with ColdFusion

  • Reusing code
  • Using custom tags
  • Using user-defined functions
  • Finding UDFs
  • ColdFusion components
  • Finding CFCs

Securing an application with ColdFusion

  • Using the ColdFusion login wizard
  • Understanding the login pages
  • Customizing the login
  • Using the application framework
  • Using application events
  • Using application variables
  • Using session variable