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Adobe Creative Cloud apps on Apple Watch

  • Published on April 23, 2015
Adobe Creative Cloud apps on Apple Watch

The Adobe Creative Cloud app for Apple Watch is coming. Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools are more commonly associated with digital imaging with Photoshop or page layout using InDesign. All these tasks are much more commonly associated with desktop and notebook computers. Recently Adobe has been shrinking their apps, creating a light version of Photoshop that is available on mobile phones, and now a series of new Creative Cloud apps designed specifically for the Apple Watch.

These are apps written specifically for the Apple Watch, you won’t be taking a Creative Cloud training class using your Apple watch. Instead these new apps are designed to provide you with information that might be suitable on-the-go. It’s debatable whether the Apple watch is more appropriate for these apps than the iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. It may be more of a reach for publicity from Adobe in releasing these apps, but you can judge this as you learn about the Creative Cloud apps for the Apple watch here:

The Behance Creative Cloud app for Apple Watch provides notifications such as messages from your Behance Inbox or Notifications, and feedback. It also provides for remote control of Airplay presentations when showing an online portfolio from your watch. It can be used to open a Behance project and also show images from project presentations. The Handoff function can be used to move between an Apple Watch and an iPhone for commenting on files or projects. It also includes a share dialog for posting link to social media services.

Adobe Color is the second Creative Cloud app for Apple Watch displays colors that have been created and saved in the local area by others using geo-location. Any color libraries you like can be saved for future reference from your desktop or laptop in apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

The final Creative Cloud app for Apple Watch is an extension of the Creative Cloud for iPhone app. Feedback on existing projects, or activity updates for shared Creative Cloud files can be posted to your Apple Watch. The app also shows comments on files.

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