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Adobe Creative Cloud gets Adobe Spark apps

  • Published on May 26, 2016
Adobe Creative Cloud gets Adobe Spark apps

Adobe Creative Cloud has added several tools focused on marketing needs of small businesses and individuals all wrapped under the name of Adobe Spark. These additions to the Creative Cloud are designed for simple content that can be posted online or to social media. Adobe Spark is not a single application, rather it is a collection of apps, primarily for iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. The apps are designed to be relatively simple to use, and are not likely to require Creative Cloud training classes in order to master their use.

Adobe Post apps renamed Spark, join Creative Cloud

Three of these apps, Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video previously existed as iOS mobile apps under different names. They have all been rebranded under the Adobe Spark family name, and a new web-based app has been created that manages integration between the three iOS apps. The three iOS apps are:

Spark Page – This app was formerly known as Adobe Post and is used for creating simple web pages.

Spark Post – An app, formerly Adobe Slate, for creating social media posts and graphics for sharing on social media.

Spark Video – This app, formerly Adobe Voice, is designed to make it easier to build and share animated videos.

The final app in the Spark family runs entirely within a web browser and is simply called Adobe Spark. It manages the creation and posting content and video to social media and websites.

Free Creative Cloud Tools – for now

Unlike applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator which require a paid subscription to the Creative Cloud, the Adobe Spark tools are available at no-cost. The only requirement to use the Spark apps is to have an Adobe ID or be willing to log-in using a Google or FaceBook account. While a typical subscription can be upwards of $50 per month, these select tools in the Creative Cloud are free and don’t require any payment or subscription. Adobe is using these free versions to introduce new users to their Creative Cloud platform in hopes some will become subscribers. Adobe also plans to add upgraded levels of these services that will require payment as well.

The Adobe Spark apps are currently available for iPhone and iPad, although Adobe has indicated that Android apps are forthcoming.

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