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Adobe Fireworks Training Class

Adobe Fireworks Training Class Length: 1 day

This one-day course is for those who need to know how to use Fireworks for on-screen images. Learn to create images that look good and are optimized for the Web; also learn about compression, file formats, color, slicing, animations, and the creation of special effects, such as rollovers and image maps. Instructed by an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor for Fireworks.

This Fireworks for Web Graphics training class is available as a regularly scheduled class at AGI’s classroom location or as a private or custom Web Graphics class at your location.

This Fireworks for Web Graphics training class is delivered by the instructors who write the Digital Classroom series of books, so you learn from experts and instructors when you take a training class with AGI.


Please call 800-851-9237 to schedule this training course.

Contact AGI to request course dates.

Fri, Jan 01 2016 - Online

Adobe Fireworks Training Class: Course Topics

Module 1: Web graphics fundamentals

  • Naming files
  • Web file formats
  • Color on the web
  • Finding and applying colors to graphics
  • Creating your own colors in Fireworks
  • Using gradient fills

Module 2: Optimizing for the Web using Fireworks

  • JPG, GIF and PNG
  • Color Tables
  • Dithering
  • Transparency
  • Matting
  • Lossiness
  • Matting

Module 3: Text in Fireworks

  • Creating and formatting text
  • Setting a text attribute
  • Working on spacing, alignment, and orientation
  • Applying your effects
  • Styling your text
  • Checking your spelling
  • Setting text on a path
  • Outlining your text

Module 4: Working with Bitmaps

  • Using the bitmap selection tools
  • Cropping and feathering
  • Importing images
  • Editing your images
  • Optimizing and exporting images

Module 5: Working with Vectors

  • Drawing tools
  • Creating and modifying paths
  • Auto Shapes
  • Creating masks in Adobe Fireworks

Module 6: Creating Image Maps, Buttons & Rollovers

  • Hyperlinking with hotspots and image maps
  • Understanding states
  • Creating rollover buttons
  • Converting graphics to symbols

Module 7: Slicing in Fireworks

  • Creating slices
  • Exporting as tables or CSS

Module 8: Creating animation in Fireworks

  • Creating and editing animations
  • Adjusting your playback
  • Working with tweening
  • Animating with masks
  • Exporting animations for the Web

Module 9: Understanding layers in Fireworks

  • Getting familiar with Fireworks layers

Module 10: Exporting HTML and CSS

  • Export settings
  • Testing a project


There are no prerequisites for this Fireworks course.

Adobe Fireworks Training Class: Course Materials

You will receive a comprehensive course manual for this class developed by the Adobe Certified Instructors at AGI. AGI instructors that have created many of the official training guides and books for Adobe Systems.


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AGI's team of experienced instructors are led by the design and usability expert and best-selling author of more than 20 books including Creative Cloud for Dummies, Creative Suite for Dummies, and Photoshop Digital Classroom. Classes are led by experienced professionals who have extensive professional and training experience, and also work in our consulting practice areas and as practicing professionals. For Federal agencies, American Graphics Institute classes are offered under GSA contract 47QTCA19D003Y.

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