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InDesign CC 2015 and Adobe DPS

  • Published on June 22, 2015
InDesign CC 2015 and Adobe DPS

Recently Adobe released an update they are labeling as InDesign CC 2015. If you are a user of Adobe DPS, the Digital Publishing Suite, this update to InDesign is one step forward and two steps back. Adobe has not included any of the Adobe DPS menu commands or panels in this version of InDesign CC 2015. Commands for Folio Preview, or to access the panel for Folio Builder has not been included. They did include an Overlays panel, but it merely contains a message indicating that the panel isn’t yet functioning. This means that while our InDesign training classes will be moving to InDesign CC 2015, all Adobe DPS training will need to continue to use and earlier version until Adobe releases a compatible version of the Adobe DPS tools.

The next iteration of Adobe DPS will change from Digital Publishing Suite to Digital Publishing Solution, and Adobe will soon be offering a public preview of these capabilities. We previously wrote about the differences between Adobe DPS and Adobe publish, which provides an overview of how this new iteration will differ from previous version of DPS.

This lack of support for Adobe DPS with InDesign CC 2015 means that if you are currently using Adobe DPS you should not upgrade to the latest version of InDesign. If you want to use Adobe DPS for some projects, and also gain access to the few new InDesign CC 2015 capabilities, you will need to have two versions of InDesign installed.

Keeping your old version of InDesign when installing a new update will require a bit of extra thought on your part. Yet this is an important step if you are wanting to continue to use Adobe DPS and also run InDesign CC 2015. Previously it was an easy to maintain two versions of Adobe apps when installing an update or new version. Removing an old version required an intentional, separate set of steps. With InDesign CC 2015 Adobe removes the previous version of the InDesign during the installation process unless you tell it otherwise. Using the CC desktop application, as you select to Update, click the Advanced Option and deselect Remove Old Versions. This option is enabled by default, and by deselecting it, you will be able to keep an old version of InDesign along with your Adobe DPS capabilities.


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