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Automating and Scripting InDesign

Automate catalog production and document production within InDesign through automated importing, placement, and styling of XML into your InDesign document. This occurs through InDesign scripting which can be done on both Mac OS and Windows computer platforms, or managed via a web interface.

American Graphics Institute offers InDesign automation consulting and InDesign scripting consulting. We work with financial services firms, retailers, publishers and others that need to publish data in an updated and efficient way.

We can help your organization automate InDesign or InDesign Server, creating efficient workflow solutions. Our staff can do the work for you, establishing the automation, or we can teach your staff how to implement the scripting and automation wihtin InDesign.

The following example show an automation script for InDesign created by AGI consultants to automate the production of a retail catalog using InDesign. Our scripting and automation services help you to create your publications with greater efficiency, including on-demand publishing using InDesign, and web-based publishing with InDesign.

InDesign automation and scripting can occur on Windows or Mac computer systems. Our staff have written more than 10 InDesign books, ranging from the InDesign Digital Classroom to the Creative Cloud for Dummies. Our InDesign scripting and InDesign automation experts can assist with a variety of projects.

For more information about our InDesign automation and scripting services, call 800-851-9237, contact the AGI location nearest you, or click the chat button in the bottom corner if during business hours.


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