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iOS Development Training for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

iOS Development Training for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

iOS Development Training Course - iPhone App Development Training for iPhone and iPad

This iOS development training Course is for developers that want to create apps for iPhone and iPad. This iOS development training course covers designing interfaces for iPhone Apps and iPad Apps, using Xcode’s GUI tools, including Buttons, Switches, Sliders, PageControllers, and ImageViews. This iOS Training class also covers Xcode’s built-in App Templates, including the TabBar App, the MasterDetail App for creating drill-down menus, and the PageBased App for creating flipbooks. You will also gain hands-on experience using external libraries including MapKit, Sqlite3, MediaPlayer and CoreLocation for extending the functionality of your apps in this class.

iOS Development Training Course Length: 5 Days

This iOS development training course is delivered over five consecutive days as an in-depth iPhone App Development training class. It can be customized to your specific needs. Register for both the Objective C training and iOS training and receive a $150 discount off the entire registration. Enter code iOS when registering online, or register for the iOS classes by calling 781-376-6044.

Questions about this iOS training class? Interested in a private or customized iOS training? Call to speak with a training consultant: 781-376-6044 or during business hours click the chat option in the lower left corner of the window.

iOS Development Training for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


Please call 800-851-9237 or 781-376-6044 to schedule a course.

Contact AGI to request course dates.

iOS Development Training Course Outline

  • iOS Development Essentials: Creating an iOS App
    • Understanding Xcode
    • Working with the Xcode Interface Builder
    • Using the Xcode Objects Library
    • Understanding View Hierarchy
    • Creating a Custom App Icon
    • Creating a Custom Splash screen for your App
  • Using Outlets, Actions, and Views
    • Understanding Outlets and Actions
    • Using TextFields, Buttons, Labels, WebViews, and PageControllers
    • Using Views along with Subviews
    • Creating Views using Code
  • Using ViewControllers
    • Working with the Single View template
    • Exploring the App Delegate
    • Creating and adding new View Controllers
    • Transitioning between multiple View Controllers using Animations
  • Using Application Templates
    • Working with the TabBar Application Template
    • Understanding the MasterDetail Application Template
  • Working with the iOS Keyboard
    • Customizing the iOS keyboard for different Inputs
    • Adjusting TextField behaviors
    • Methods for dismissing the keyboard
    • Detect keyboard activities with the NotificationCenter
    • Using the Scroll View
    • Responding to keyboard activities programmatically using scrolling views
  • Working with Different iOS Devices: iPhone and iPad
    • Programmatically detecting device hardware
    • Adjusting graphical layouts dynamically based upon device type
    • Working with multiple devices
    • Creating apps that work universally
  • Using TableViews
    • Understanding the UITableView
    • Using UITableViewCell Classes
    • Working with UITableView DataSource and Delegate
    • Using TableView and TableViewCell Properties including Header, Footer, Height, Fonts, Images, and AccessoryTypes
    • The MasterDetail Template
    • Creating drill-down menus
    • Navigation to other views
    • Using PropertyLists for DataPersistence
    • Creating MultiSection tables
  • Supporting iOS Screen Rotations: Portrait & Landscape Modes
    • Handling device rotation
    • Setting preferred device orientation
    • Forcing specific orientation using noRotations
    • Dynamically adjusting graphical layouts based upon rotation
  • Persisting Data with Files
    • Understanding the iOS device file structure
    • Writing Files to the iOS device and reading files from it
    • Creating and modifying property lists
    • Bundling Files and Resources with Apps
    • Exporting Documents
  • Working with Databases
    • Importing the sqlite3 library
    • Creating a database, writing tables, and inserting records into tables
    • Bundling a database with your app
    • Checking for database existence
    • Reading and displaying database data within apps
  • Using Animations and Video within iOS
    • Using the NSTimer Class
    • Animating objects on the screen
    • Using transformation, rotation, scaling, and translation
    • Animating image arrays
    • Playing video within an app
  • Accessing integrated iOS Apps
    • Using the email app
    • Accessing Safari
    • Sending SMS text messages
    • Working with the camera
    • Using with the PhotoLibrary
  • Using WebServices within an iOS app
    • Consuming a WebService
    • Parsing XML
    • Consuming and Parsing JSON Web Services
    • Integrating Common Twitter and Facebook with iOS apps
  • Working with iOS Maps and Location Services
    • Using the MapKit and UIMapView
    • Getting and displaying user location
    • Getting directional information
    • Displaying map annotations
    • Displaying disclosure buttons on annotations
    • Performing reverse GeoCoding
  • Connecting iOS with iCloud
    • Storing documents in iCloud
    • Setting project entitlements
    • Managing iCloud documents  
    • Using the UIDocument Class
    • Storing KeyValue files in iCloud
  • Working with the iOS Accelerometer
    • Using the Gyroscope
    • Using the Accelerometer
    • Outputting Sensor Data
    • Using the Shake API

iOS Development Training Course Prerequisites

Before enrolling in this iOS development training class, make sure that you have an understanding of Object Oriented Programming using Objective-C before enrolling in this course. If you do not have previous experience with Objective-C or Object Oriented Programming, you should first take the iOS Training: Introduction to Objective C Programming for iOS Development class.

iOS Development Training Course Information

  • American Graphics Institute provides computers for use in this iOS development training class, although you may bring your own laptops if you prefer.
  • You may bring your own iOS Device to build, test, and run the apps you create in this iOS development training class.

iOS Development Training Course Fee

The course rate for the five-day course is  $2,695.

You will receive a comprehensive course book for this iOS development training class.

Available Delivery Methods For This Class