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Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom Book with DVD

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom is like having a personal instructor guiding you through each lesson, while you work at your own pace. This Snow Leopard book and DVD is a full-color, all-inclusive training package that serves as an invaluable learning tool for Mac users of all levels of experience.

  • Full color lessons with easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Video tutorials highlight key topics in each lesson 
  • Covers all essential Snow Leopard skills 
  • Gets you up-and-running quickly with included lesson files on DVD
  • Written by expert instructors – it's like having your own personal tutor
  • Used by hundreds of schools and more than 100,000 readers

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom Book with DVD Sample Video

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom Book with DVD Contents

Starting Up

  • About Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom
  • Prerequisites
  • System requirements
  • Loading lesson files
  • Working with the video tutorials
  • Setting up for viewing the video tutorials
  • Viewing the video tutorials 
    with the Adobe Flash Player
  • Is this book for you?
  • What is an operating system?
  • The Mac operating system
  • Ease of use
  • Running Snow Leopard for the first time
  • Additional resources

Lesson 1: Customizing the OSX Interface for your needs

  • The Dock
  • The Finder
  • Customizing the Finder
  • Expose
  • Spaces
  • The desktop
  • Backgrounds and Screen savers
  • Dashboard

Lesson 2: Navigating and organizing in OSX

  • Windows and Views
  • Files and Folders
  • Moving and copying files
  • The home folder
  • Favorites
  • Aliases
  • Labels
  • Finding your files with Spotlight
  • Using Quicklook
  • Smart Folders

Lesson 3: Using OS X with a group

  • Multiple users
  • User accounts
  • Creating new users
  • Logging in and out
  • Fast user switching
  • Sharing files with other users
  • Parental Controls

Lesson 4: Your Mac as a media center

  • iTunes
  • DVD Player
  • Front Row
  • Quicktime Player
  • Photo Booth

Lesson 5: Backing up and keeping your data safe

  • Burning CD/DVD’s
  • Time machine
  • MobileMe
  • Disk Utility
  • Software Update
  • Disk Utility
  • Review

Lesson 6: Connecting to the Internet & Using Safari

  • Wireless connections
  • Using Safari
  • Using KeyChain: password and certificate management

Lesson 7: Creating and working on a Network

  • Creating a basic network
  • File Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Printer Sharing
  • Your mac as a web server

Lesson 8: Printing

  • Installing printers in Snow Leopard
  • The print dialog
  • Conserving Ink
  • Creating a PDF

Lesson 9: System Preferences

  • Personal
  • Hardware
  • Internet & Network
  • System

Lesson 10: OS X Applications

  • Mail
  • Address Book
  • iCal
  • iChat
  • Preview

Lesson 11: The Terminal

  • Starting up
  • The Terminal
  • Launching the Termainal
  • The shell
  • Command lines
  • Man
  • Navigating using command lines
  • Editing files using the shell
  • Changing the screen capture format
  • Self study
  • Review

Lesson 12: Installing Snow Leopard and 3rd Party Applications

  • System Requirements
  • Upgrading
  • Archive and Install
  • Clean Install
  • Upgrading from Leopard or Tiger
  • Downloading applications
  • Mac OS Installers