System requirements, page 2
Color Picker

The System Requirements listed on page 2 have been updated by Adobe. The system requirements are available here: .

Lesson 2, page 29, step 6

Open the file named ps0201, which is the starting file used for this lesson.

Lesson 3, page 58, step 8

After double-clicking the folder, you will see all the images you moved.

Lesson 6, page 160, step 1

The lesson file referenced is incorrect as written. The working file for this step is ps0603_work.psd.

A new color picker was introduced after the book was published. The functionality has remained very similar but the design of the new color picker is quite different.

Lesson 2, page 40, step 5

Step is incorrect as printed. After you click Save, click Done in the Manage Site dialog box.