Coronavirus (COVID-19) information: Live classes available in-person or online from our fully vaccinated instructors. Learn more about our reopening.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) protection information
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) protection information

AGI is protecting our clients and staff in response to concerns regarding the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Live online classes available

We have been delivering live online classes for more than a decade and have made live online classes available for all courses. We have expanded the number of live online courses available to keep class sizes small. You can attend an online class now and return for an in-person class at a future date at no additional cost. Learn more about online classes.

In-person classes resume

Live in-person classes resume in Boston and Philadelphia June 1, 2021. Our instructors are fully vaccinated, and class sizes are being limited to 75% as a precautionary measure in these locations. Participants are asked to complete a pre-class questionnaire to confirm their health status prior to the start of each class day.

If you have questions about available classes, call us at 781-376-6044, use the contact form or the chat option during business hours to reach our staff.

Some in-person classes have also resumed in New York. For questions about training in New York call 212-922-1206.

Reschedule or Attend Online

If you register for a class now and need to move the date or wish to move from an online course to in-person, or vice-versa, AGI will assist with rescheduling. As COVID precautions are lifted, we realize you may find your schedule changing or may decide to change to a different course delivery format, and we will accommodate these changes

Additional Cleaning

Beyond our daily cleaning, additional disinfecting cleaning occurs between each class and after each class day using CDC recommended cleaning agents.

Hand washing locations are available near each classroom for instructors and students to wash hands before the start of class and upon returning from breaks.