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InDesign CC 2015 adds Publish Online Capabilitiy

  • Published on October 13, 2015
InDesign CC 2015 adds Publish Online Capabilitiy

Publish Online with InDesign CC 2015

InDesign CC2015 Publish Online provides a new method for sharing content created using InDesign. InDesign documents can be uploaded to an Adobe web server and are available for viewing as a published file using most modern web browsers. The published files cannot be edited using the web browser, rather this is an option for sharing the completed files in a format other than PDF or print. This feature was added to InDesign CC 2015 even though it is not final – it is considered a technology preview by Adobe, who indicates that it can be tested but should not be used as a way of sharing final projects that are critical to your business or organization. The Publish Online option is similar to taking an HTML version of an InDesign document and placing it on a web server, all without any need for technical or web publishing skills on the part of the designer. As an online version, content can include video, audio, and hyperlinks.

InDesign CC 2015 Publish Online option provides a link that can be shared with others to view the project in their web browser, and also includes options to easily share a link to the project using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This capability will be integrated into the intermediate or advanced InDesign training classes offered at American Graphics Institute

Using InDesign Publish Online in a Blog or Webstie

The Publishing Online option doesn’t include an option to access the HTML code for embedding the published project in your own website, so you’ll either need to view it entirely on Adobe’s servers or have someone with some web publishing skills help if you want to place the online project on your own site instead of Adobe’s. After you’ve published a file online using InDesign CC 2015 you’ll need to use a web browser to access your Creative Cloud account in order to manage your files, such as deleting them. 

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