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Drupal Module Development Training for Drupal 7

Drupal Module Development Training for Drupal 7
Drupal Module Development Training

In this two-day Drupal training course for module development, learn to create custom modules and gain an understanding of Drupal's API. In this course you'll be taken through the steps of creating a module, gain an understanding of available documentation and support resources. You'll also discover how to determine when it is possible to add new functionality through creating hooks into the system.

Because of the modular Drupal framework it is common to need to expand beyond the standard functionality available using the core modules, and this Drupal module development course shows you how to do this. While many existing Drupal modules  are available from the community at the exact functionality needed for your projects may require you to develop your own Drupal modules. This course teaches you how to hook into Drupal and create your own modules.

This Drupal module development course also spends time teaching about ways to work with existing modules, making certain you are not reinventing the wheel, and are using your resources as efficiently as possible. By selecting the best modules, configuring them correctly, and only creating new modules and code where needed, you reduce the complexity and time involved in your Drupal projects.

This is an advanced Drupal class, and prior to enrolling in this course you should have previous experience in managing and configuring Drupal sites as well as previous PHP programming experience.

Drupal Module Development Training for Drupal 7 Course Dates

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In this two-day Drupal Module Development course you will learn to:

  • Identify when to use existing modules vs. create your own
  • Understand how to hook into Drupal functionality
  • Learn Drupal's API
  • Create your own custom module

This advanced Drupal class requires previous experience in managing Drupal sites, Drupal configuration, and previous PHP programming experience.

Course materials are provided with this Drupal course.

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