eBook readers selling strongly

If you’re not familiar with e-readers, they are devices that let you read electronic versions of books, magazines, and newspapers. Smaller than a laptop, they let you download the books you want to read or the newspapers and magazines to which you subscribe. Like a traditional publication, you buy the content from a distributor or reseller – like Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble, but the content you receive is electronically sent to your reader. Barnes & Noble recently announced a new e-reader, the Nook. They started shipping the devices this week, and are having difficulty keeping up with orders from customers. They had intended to be placing them in their stores soon, but they received so many on-line orders that Barnes & Noble is delaying placing them in stores at this time. In this economy, it’s great to hear that a bookstore is having difficulty keeping up with demand.  Similar reports of strong demand are coming from Amazon.com with their device, the Kindle, and from Sony who also has a digital reader. Future versions of AGI’s Digital Classroom Books should be available on these formats, such as the Photoshop Book, Flash Book, InDesign Book, and Dreamweaver Book all written by AGI’s instructors.