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Delve deeper into your traffic with Google Analytics training

  • Published on February 12, 2014
Delve deeper into your traffic with Google Analytics training

Whether you work in marketing or just want to gain a deeper understanding of your website's traffic, Google Analytics training at the American Graphics Institute can help you leverage the power of this versatile suite of tools. In today's search environment, algorithmic changes, SEO techniques and other factors mean that marketers have to stay on their toes, and without a solid understanding of Google Analytics and how it can help your business, you may get left behind.

Mastering multichannel marketing
Long gone are the days when static webpages were sufficient to promote your goods and services. Today, increasing numbers of consumers are accessing the Web from mobile devices. While this presents unique opportunities to the savvy marketing professional, it also creates a series of challenges, most notably the need to determine how users are accessing your site. Fortunately, Google Analytics can help, but it also pays to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these types of trends.

Search Engine Watch recently highlighted the results of an eMarketer/Nielsen survey, which asked marketing professionals to gauge how important certain devices currently used by consumers will be in the future. Although some results, such as the continued domination of smartphones in terms of devices, came as little surprise, others raised a few eyebrows, such as predictions that the use of laptops and other traditional computers will decline by as much as 85 percent by 2016. 

Tackling 'Big Data'
Analytics reporting has become one of the most important factors for webmasters and business owners. However, the field could soon become even more competitive, thanks to the development of analytical tools based on natural language processing pioneered by engineers at IBM.

According to Fast Company, the team behind IBM's "Watson" computer, which used natural language processing to emerge victorious against human opponents on the game show Jeopardy, is working on a suite of analytics tools that could trawl vast amounts of social media data to discern unique characteristics of individual consumers. Using advanced psycholinguistic analysis, the predictive analytics system can, in theory, offer marketers data on when a user is likely to have a child, get married, buy his or her first home, and a range of other major life events based on their his or her social media activity. The technology doesn't even need to rely on data specifically identified to a certain user account, as the system can infer which accounts belong to which people through natural language processing and pattern analysis.

About the author

Christopher Smith is president of American Graphics Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the publisher and editor of the Digital Classroom book series, which have sold more than one million copies. At American Graphics Institute, he provides strategic technology consulting to marketing professionals, publishers and to large technology companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and HP. An expert on web analytics and digital marketing, he delivers Google Analytics classes along with workshops on digital marketing topics. He is also the author of more than 10 books on electronic publishing tools and technologies, including the Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies. Christopher did his undergraduate studies the at the University of Minnesota, and then worked for Quark, Inc. prior to joining American Graphics Institute where he has worked for 20 years.