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QuarkXPress Training Class - Introduction

QuarkXPress Training Class - Introduction

QuarkXPress Introduction Class Length: 2 days

This QuarkXPress course will have you up and running within two days! Learn how to use this page layout application to design flyers, brochures, magazines, and other materials. This course focuses on making you productive and knowledgeable and is good for both designers and production personnel. This class is available as a private class for individuals or groups and is updated for the most recent version of QuarkXPress. Contact AGI about this QuarkXPress training class.

QuarkXPress Training Class - Introduction Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.

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QuarkXPress Training Class - Introduction


10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Live instructor-led class online
1969-12-31T19:00:00-05:00 $995.00

QuarkXPress Basics

  • Creating a project
  • Examining the Tools palette
  • Creating guides
  • Working with items
  • Creating boxes
  • Using ShapeMaker
  • Entering text
  • Importing text
  • Formatting text
  • Importing a picture
  • Modifying picture size
  • Running text around a picture
  • Managing imported pictures
  • Controlling stacking order
  • Spacing and aligning items
  • Working with layers
  • Creating colors
  • Applying colors to text and pictures
  • Applying colors to frames and boxes
  • Creating a blend
  • Editing a color
  • Creating a table
  • Adding text
  • Linking cells
  • Adding a picture
  • Adding and deleting rows and columns
  • Editing a table
  • Importing a table
  • Printing basics

Advanced Layout Construction using QuarkXPress

  • Working with master pages
  • Creating automatic page numbers
  • Separating layouts into sections
  • Creating a new library
  • Adding an entry to a library
  • Deconstructing a project
  • Saving as a template
  • Working with palette groups
  • Creating palette sets for text and images
  • Using XTensions software
  • Creating a character style sheet
  • Creating a paragraph style sheet
  • Applying a style sheet
  • Editing a style sheet
  • Adjusting leading
  • Adjusting space before and after paragraphs
  • Using baseline shift
  • Using hanging characters
  • Adjusting tracking and kerning
  • Inserting glyphs
  • Inserting special characters
  • Working with OpenType
  • Setting tabs numerically
  • Setting tabs visually
  • Applying rules and drop caps
  • Controlling hyphenation and justification

QuarkXPress Page Elements

  • Using the automatic text box
  • Linking text boxes
  • Rerouting and breaking links
  • Drawing with The Bezier Pen tool
  • Drawing a Bézier box
  • Working with points, handles and segments
  • Using an embedded clipping path
  • Using a clipping path for runaround
  • Creating and modifying a clipping path
  • Using an embedded alpha channel
  • Applying Vista adjustments and filters
  • Exporting a picture with Vista effects
  • PSD Import
  • Exporting a Quark layout as a PDF
  • Adding hyperlinks
  • Exporting a layout with PDF/X verification
  • Printing Options



QuarkXPress Training Class Level I Prerequisites

We recommend that you have the QuarkXPress software before starting the class. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version of it at from the QuarkXPress website.

QuarkXPress Training Class - Introduction, Course Materials

You will receive a comprehensive course manual for this Quark class developed by the Certified Instructors at AGI.

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