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UX Course for Windows 10 App Design

UX Course for Windows 10 App Design

In this UX Course learn the principles of UX for Windows 10 apps and how to build experiences that are delightful and take full advantage of Windows 10 capabilities.

American Graphics Institute instructors have been hired by Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 UX classes at Microsoft's headquarters, and run Windows UX design workshops across Europe, Asia, Australia, and in the U.S. You'll be learning from UX professionals who have extensive experience crafting modern apps, including extensive work with Windows 10 UX. Our UX design practice is led by Jennifer Smith, who has been awarded Microsoft MVP status three times for her work in Windows UX, design, and prototyping, including her work with Blend for Visual Studio.

This is one of our specialized UX classes and is focused on Windows 10 UX and UI and is traditionally delivered to groups within an organization or enterprise rather than a public class for individuals. In this Windows 10 UX course teams discover how the modern Windows 10 design language provides an opportunity to envision applications on new devices, with new interaction models, new ways to present information, and access to new services using contracts. This UX training class takes you through the essential design considerations you need to know when creating applications that will be used for both desktop and touch devices, and different form factors, ranging from touch-centric devices such as the Surface, Windows 10 for desktop and notebook. After this UX course you will be able create more successful Windows 10 applications that deliver a better user experience.

UX Course for Windows 10 App Design Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


Please call 800-851-9237 or 781-376-6044 to schedule a course.

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Windows 10 UX design overview
  • Understanding user experience
  • How UX relates to success
  • How UX relates to productivity
  • Examples of great UX
  • Windows 10 user experience
Understanding Windows 10 UX and Universal Windows Platform
  • Commands
  • Content before chrome
  • Navigation
Value of great user experiences across Windows 10 devices
  • Constantly communicates with your customer
  • Brings order and clarity to information
  • Impacts a customer’s decision in a fraction of a second
  • Helps you stand out from others
  • Tidy equals trustworthy
  • Considers the goals and avoid distractions
  • Directs the user and makes complex tasks more manageable
Planning a Windows 10 app
  • Overview of UX process
  • Understanding the necessary tools
  • Matrix of UX roles and processes
Starting the app design process
  • Importance of user research
  • Types of research: Interviews, surveys and more
Preparing a UX brief for WIndows 10 apps
  • Review of a UX brief
  • Creating a project overview
  • Considering the deliverables
  • Results from research
  • Issues and risks
Recognizing what your app will be best at before you start 
  • Focusing on scenarios and features that add value
  • Building scenarios
  • Prioritizing scenarios
Creating Stories
  • Collecting the background
  • Using a story matrix
  • Writing your story
Building a feature list for Windows 10 apps
  • Overview of Windows 10 commands and controls
  • Deciding best features based upon scenarios
Overview of information collection tools for Windows 10 UX design
  • Journey maps
  • Card sorting
Building Windows 10 information architecture
  • Focusing on the application statement, main scenarios and stories
  • Organizing features
  • Building your navigation
  • Testing your navigation
Understanding and applying touch in Windows 10 UX
  • Overview of usability studies related to touch
  • Controls used in touch
  • Avoiding occlusion
Applying animation in Windows 10 user experiences
  • Understanding animations within Windows 10 UX
  • Considerations for Windows 10 UWP apps
  • Resources for animation 
Layout guidelines for Windows 10 UX
  • Using the grid for Windows 10 app design
  • Building the structure of your app based upon scenarios
  • Typography in a Windows 10 app
  • Suggestions for navigation and command placement
  • Building your layout for scalability and high resolution presentation
  • Using the grid to build scalable apps
Sketching a Windows 10 app
  • Guidelines for iterating 
  • Reviewing and testing your sketches
  • Sketching screens that help your users complete scenarios, reach goals
Building a prototype of the Windows 10 UX
  • Overview of common prototypes
  • Testing your paper prototype
  • Building an interactive digital prototype
Visual design
  • Mood boards and Style tiles
  • Windows 10 UX specific considerations
Windows 10 development options
  • Overview Agile vs Waterfall
  • Understanding sprints, scrums, and minimal viable product creation
  • Using UX Brief and importance in retaining information
Testing & documentation for Windows 10 apps
  • Internal and external testing opportunities
How design, composition, and art relate to UX design practices
  • Art history from the industrial time period and how it relates to present design
  • Typography and how it relates to information design
  • Understanding the use of the typographic grid
  • Using the type ramp to create an information hierarchy
  • Practice in composition, Typography, and grid layouts

UX Course for Windows 10 App Design

Previous experience in the UX field or work in app or web development is useful. Those without prior experience should attend the UX design course before attending the rapid prototyping UX class.

UX Certification

You can expand your skills and validate your user experience knowledge using the ISO international standard for UX certification. Learn more about UX Certification options.

While we have Windows 10 computers and tablets for use in this class, you are encouraged to use your own devices with Windows 10 for testing as well.

You will receive a comprehensive course manual for this class developed by three-time Microsoft MVP and Windows User Experience expert Jennifer Smith

This Windows 10 UX training course is for app developers and designers that need to understand the design principles of designing successful Windows 10 apps that work naturally with touch, input devices, and keyboard. 

Windows 10 UX Training Class Student attending Windows 10 UX training course, learning user experience guidelines of Windows 10.

UX Classes in Our Classroom

This Windows 10 UX course is offered either in our classrooms or on-site at your location with a live instructor in the same classroom with you. It is available at our classrooms in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia or on-site at your location globally. This course is typically delivered as a private UX workshop for a group or team.

UX Classes Online

This Windows UX course can also be delivered as a live, online UX training workshop. All online UX courses are conducted with a live instructor. You can hear and see the instructor and their presentation, talk with them, ask questions, and participate in individual projects. The online courses differ from the workshops offered in our classrooms or on-site, as group projects are typically not incorporated into the online UX training .

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