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Clip Champ Training Course

Clip Champ Training Course

In this Clip Champ training course learn the fundamentals of video production as well as the skills and techniques required to organize, edit, and export video projects using Clip Champ. Learn video editing techniques, use of graphics, effects, sound and transitions as well as exporting final video from Clip Champ.

In this Clip Champ course, learn:

  • Video production essentials
  • Editing using Clip Champ
  • Applying Effects
  • Adding text and graphics
  • Exporting

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Clip Champ Training Course Course Dates

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Video Production Essentials

Gain an understanding of marketing roles. Learn to plan and organize marketing initiatives.



Tripods, stabilizers, etc.

Basic lighting - 3 point lighting

Microphones, capturing audio

Shooting video with your phone


Using Clip Champ’s Video Editing Tools

Understanding the Clip Champ interface


Stock Video and Images

Editing Features and Tools

Filters and Transitions

Use of Music and Sound Effects

Text and Graphics



Understanding the Clip Champ editing interface

Navigating the Home Screen

Finding Templates

Creating a Video

Importing Files from your Computer

Recording Video using the Computer’s Camera

Project Templates

Exploring Music and Effects

Using Stock Video and Images


Editing in Clip Champ

Adding Clips to the Timeline

Project Naming and Organization

Aspect Ratios and Size

Video Playback Controls

Navigating the Timeline (Magnifying and Scrubbing)

Undo / Redo / Split / Delete / Duplicate

Help Features


Understanding Clip Properties

Overlapping Clips


Transform Features - Scaling, Flipping, Rotation, Opacity


Applying Effects in Clip Champ



Color Correction

Adjusting Clip Speed (Slow Motion, Time Lapse)


Editing Audio using Clip Champ

Stock Audio Resources in Clip Champ

Adding Audio to the Timeline

Editing Audio Clips

Controlling Volume

Fading In/Out


Adding Text and Graphics in Clip Champ

Adding Graphic Backgrounds

Adding Text to the Timeline

Modifying Graphics and Text 

Text Effects

Fading Graphics and Text


Exporting Video from Clip Champ

Formats and Sizes

Exporting with Watermarks / Upgrading Options

Exporting Destinations and Accessing the Final Video

This class requires a Clip Champ account, which is available at no-cost. If attending online, an Internet connection is required.

You will receive comprehensive course materials for this class developed by the instructors at AGI. AGI instructors have created many of the official training guides and books for video editing software tools and apps.

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