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Website Accessibility Auditing and Monitoring
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Website Accessibility Auditing and Monitoring

Our website accessibility auditing identifies potential accessibility issues on a website and, most importantly, develop a plan to address them. While the website accessibility audit produces a list of possible issues, this is only the starting point. The list of potential accessibility concerns is only useful if they are addressed. Our objective is to help prioritize the concerns found in the website accessibility audit, develop a remediation plan, and understanding of the resources required. The objective of the audit is to provide a path towards delivering an accessible website that is in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Section 508,  and ADA requirements.

Website accessibility audit process

The website accessibility audit process occurs through a 5 step process:

  1. Website accessibility scan  along with manual review of scan data and website pages by AGI staff to identify, organize, and prioritize issues, generate report from data.
  2. Stakeholder meeting to review accessibility report, determine process for remediation efforts, identify required resources.
  3. Remediation of web pages.
  4. Re-test pages to validate remediation efforts.
  5. A website certification of conformance to WCAG, Section 508 and WCAG is issued.

The website accessibility audit process involves the manual evaluation, verification, and prioritization of data by accessibility experts who review findings of multiple automated reporting tools.

A website accessibility audit is available for a one-time fee that varies depending upon the size of the site. Fees can be provided upon evaluation of the website to be audited.

Ongoing website accessibility monitoring

As an option to maintain ongoing compliance, AGI offers ongoing website accessibility monitoring, with weekly or monthly reporting options. All reporting includes expert provided guidance and the ability to meet with AGI's accessibility staff to maintain compliance. Ongoing compliance review includes the ability to receive updated website accessibility certification annually.