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CSS Intensive: Web Development Level II

CSS Intensive: Web Development Level II

CSS Intensive: Web Development Level II: Course Description

In this course, you’ll learn advanced ways to style content and target elements with CSS. 

Improve the layout of your webpages using an alternate box-model, implement vector graphics, create visual effects, and more. Learn more about psoitioning, work with advanced CSS selectors, and leverage CSS variables. Optimize your pages with responsive images using CSS media queries, img srcset, and picture elements. 

Prerequisite: Basic HTML and CSS coding experience is required. 

This course is delivered in partnership with Noble Desktop, a leading design school in NYC with over three decades of experience.

COVID-19 Note: All New York classes will be held live online until June 30, 2020. Participants can retake the course in-person within a year. Upon registration, we will assist with any required setup. 

CSS Intensive: Web Development Level II Course Dates

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CSS Intensive: Web Development Level II: Full Overview

Section 1

  • Normalize.css, Default Box Model, & More
  • Font-Weight, Font-Style, & Unitless Line-Height
  • Box Model: Content-Box vs. Border-Box
  • Intro to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Section 2

  • Embedding SVG
  • SVG Sprites
  • CSS Position Property
  • Creating a Fixed Navbar & RGBA Color

Section 3

  • CSS Background Gradients & Gradient Patterns
  • Multiple Backgrounds & Viewport Sizing Units (vw)
  • Creating Columns with Inline-Block & Calc()
  • CSS Variables (Custom Properties)

Section 4

  • Relational Selectors
  • Pseudo-Elements & the Content Property
  • Attribute Selectors
  • Styling Forms with Attribute Selectors
  • Relative Sizes: Em and Rem

Section 5

  • Flix: Creating a Scrollable Area
  • Flix: Media Queries for Retina/HiDPI Graphics
  • Responsive Images
  • Off-Screen Side Nav Using Only CSS

Section 6

  • Box-Shadow, Text-Shadow, & Z-Index
  • Hiding & Showing: Display, Visibility, & Opacity
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS Transforms with Transitions

Basic HTML and CSS coding experience is required.

CSS Intensive: Web Development Level II: Course Materials

You will receive a copy of the comprehensive Web Development training book created by the instructors. This book also serves as a resource for you after the class.

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