Effective Content Marketing Graphics with Photoshop and Illustrator

Content marketing is no longer an experimental digital marketing tool, but an integral strategy that is part of most companies’ digital marketing efforts, and the use of graphics in content marketing is becoming more important. Indeed many businesses now say content marketing has become a large part of their overall digital marketing effort. Budgets for content marketing have continued to grow, and most forecasts show that budgets for this essential marketing tool will grow further in 2016. Gartner’s research projects that content marketing will remain a key digital marketing tool for companies over the next two to five years.

One of the major associated trends experts are observing is that visuals—photos, videos, slide decks, animation, infographics, cartoons, and other visual elements—are becoming key to the success of content marketing. Recent data shows that visuals combined with digital content marketing garner significant increases in blog traffic, social media engagement, visitor-to-lead conversion rates and inbound customer acquisition results according to recent industry data. Content marketing graphics provide for more interest in stories than those that use text alone.

Photoshop and Illustrator for Content Marketing Graphics

Having the skills to work with visual elements is becoming an important part of any digital content marketer’s toolkit. Businesses both large and small will need to have employees with some Photoshop training and Illustrator training to effectively create these graphics. Adobe Illustrator is a key tool for creating charts, graphs, and infographics that add impact to any story or message being shared. Illustrator makes it possible to create customized content marketing graphics such as pie charts, bar charts, graphs, and timelines. While Photoshop can be used to customize images so that a message is enhanced by the use of unique images that lend weight to the story being shared.

The investment in learning or upgrading digital design skills provides significant returns. It keeps businesses competitive with other digital content marketers, and provides an opportunity to effectively share information visually through charts, graphs, and illustrations.

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