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Adobe Photoshop Cloud Service Revel to close

  • Published on November 30, 2015
Adobe Photoshop Cloud Service Revel to close

Adobe is quietly shutting down their original Photoshop cloud service known as Revel. This will primarily impact Photoshop Elements users who benefit from the unlimited Photoshop cloud storage, backup, and file synchronization. Originally launched in 2011 under the name of Carousel, Adobe renamed the service Revel and connected it with their Photoshop Elements application that is available for Mac and Windows computers.  According to a notice sent to Revel users just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Adobe announced that the Photoshop-connected service will be operational through February of next year, and after that time it will no longer be available. When the service ends, the Photoshop classes at American Graphics Institute will not be impacted by the change.

Streamlining Photoshop cloud services

Adobe’s decision to streamline their Photoshop cloud offerings provides users with fewer choices. The Adobe Revel service synchronized images across both mobile devices and desktop computers, similar to the no-cost Google Photos services which operate similar to Google Drive. For approximately $6 per month the service provided a low-cost way to keep an unlimited number of images synchronized, including high-resolution versions of images.

Alternatives for Adobe Photoshop cloud storage

Adobe is not providing an easy path for Photoshop Elements or Revel users to migrate their cloud storage and backup of their images. A free version of Creative Cloud allows for storage of up to 2 GB, and a paid version of the Creative Cloud Photoshop is almost twice the cost as the Revel service yet provides a limit of 20 GB. In both cases you’ll get less storage for your Photoshop files than is currently offered for the Revel Service, and neither offer any way to automatically transfer files from Adobe Revel into Photoshop Creative Cloud storage.

If you are a Photoshop or Photoshop Elements user that currently subscribes to Revel for the unlimited storage and file-synchronization, you will need to look outside Adobe for a replacement. The limits on the Photoshop Creative Cloud storage make it a poor choice for anyone with many images. Google Photos provides an alternative for image storage in the cloud, offering unlimited high-quality images at no cost along with 20 GB of original files. Google Photos also provides the option to purchase more storage of original images if you want to keep the original source files directly from your camera.

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