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Figma Course - Introduction

Figma Course - Introduction

In this Figma course, learn how to use Figma's comprehensive prototyping tools in order to bring design ideas to reality. Build, and or import your designs into this vector editing application, and apply clickable interactivity to demonstrate your interactive project. This Figma class introduces you to essential concepts and capabilities. Learn to take advantage of auto-layout, masking, components, variables, design libraries, and more in this essential course for learning Figma. This course is led by a practicing UX designer, with experience in a range of wireframing and prototyping tools. In this small group Figam course, you'll gain hands-on experience with practical expercises and projects.

In this Figma Course you will:

  • Learn key concepts including the Figma workspace, pages, canvas, and frames
  • Understand how to work with frames in Figma
  • Discover how to best use Figma's layers
  • Take advantage of Figma's prototyping tools and capabilities
  • Use Figma's reusable components and libraries to work more efficiently
  • Share Figma prototypes for review and collaboration
  • Deliver final projects for development

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Figma Course - Introduction Course Dates

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Figma Course - Introduction


10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Live instructor-led class online
1969-12-31T19:00:00-05:00 $495.00
Getting to know Figma

Introduction to workspace
Pages, Canvas and frames

Frame properties in Figma

Changing the size of a frame
Creating your own custom sized frames
Building frames to scroll
Adjusting a frame’s bounds
Creating backgrounds for your frames
Changing the fill style

Understanding layers in Figma

Selecting items with the same properties
Grouping and ungrouping
Selecting and moving layers
Grouping and ungrouping
Viewing, locking and unlocking layers
Aligning and distributing objects

Using the prototyping tools in Figma

Creating links
Testing your links
Editing Links
Create fixed objects in a prototype

Using rulers, grids, and guides   

Using rulers
Adding guides
Using and editing layout grids

Creating shapes and other objects in Figma

Creating custom shapes using boolean features
Transforming and positioning
Creating custom corners

Using Fills and strokes with Figma

Changing the blending mode
Changing multiple colors in selections
Saving colors
Applying stroke properties
Color Values
Frequent Colors
Copying and pasting object properties

Applying effects in Figma


Applying constraints using Figma

Keeping object position within Figma frames
Controlling the resize and proportions

Working with images in Figma

Editing an image
Cropping and masking
Eliminating selected parts of an image

Inserting Text into a Figma Prototype

Kerning and Tracking
Creating and editing text styles
Creating styles    
Color fill and border styles
Layer styles

Creating reusable components in Figma

Working with text and image overrides
Organizing components
Nesting components

Using Figma's Automatic layout

Auto layout with multiple items

Using Figma libraries as design assets

Creating, sharing, and editing libraries

Saving & exporting your Figma prototype

Export Settings

Using Figma plug-ins

How to find plug-ins
Loading plug-ins

We recommend that you have the Figma app before starting this class.

You will receive a comprehensive Figma course manual for this class developed by the Instructors at AGI.

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