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Recent Reviews

Learned so much about how to make keynote presentations look good and also make them clear. The teacher was smart, funny and was able to teach me enough about design so that I won't be making drab slides with endless bullets any more!

I learned a lot about the UX process from the course. Great teacher.

Ben did an excellent job with presenting the WordPress material and making certain that the students were understanding everything. He also focused more on the areas that the students needed and wanted. I feel like I'm at a place where I can really use my WordPress skills. Ben provided us with a lot of great resources going forward and he emailed us additional training notes.

I'm absolutely thrilled to have learned InDesign. Michael really demystified the program, and I really enjoyed the way he presented the information to the group. This was my "jump into the deep end" effort to get up-to-date with technology in my field and thank you so much to Michael for making that possible!

Alex was awesome, his pace and explanation on every After Effects topic was excellent. His tone made the class exciting and made it very easy to pay attention all throughout the training. I'd highly recommend this class to any other student! I took the class online.

Good instructor. Good class.

Kevin was great about applying the course to what I needed to know about Photoshop. Each lesson was beneficial to me and was clearly taught. He is clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to design and Photoshop. The class went by quickly but I did not feel overwhelmed with material. I am glad that is was hands on because it was helpful to practice each lesson as we covered new material.

Jennifer was amazing with her understanding of UX and how it can be applied. Kept things moving, but there was space for questions and interaction. The size of the class was perfect. The facilities and materials all worked very well.

It was very helpful to have a small group where we could get personalized instruction. She made me feel comfortable to ask questions. There was not one thing she couldn't answer during the course of two days!! I would find it beneficial to attend another training in the future with her.

Alhan did a great job as instructor. The entire Photoshop class was very productive and she was able to answer and explain any questions we had.

I enjoyed my Illustrator class with Michael. He was engaging and made us feel at ease with our questions. I would definitely take another class with him.

This was absolutely a great class for learning Photoshop. Alhan is very, very knowledgeable and provided great references and comparisons. Made it easy for beginners to understand. I can't wait to come back and take the intermediate class.

Great instructor made for an awesome class. Learned so much about After Effects.

One of the best online instructors I've ever taken a course with; Alex was super knowledgeable and patient when helping me through my technical difficulties. I would absolutely take another class with Alex in the future. Well worth the investment!

Alex was extremely patient. Although we were all new to After Effects there were some with different levels of experience with digital video and he managed to keep us all engaged and learning.

I needed a class to learn After Effects and am glad I did because it was very easy to follow along. I enjoyed the extra materials that were provided and referenced throughout the class to either show examples, demonstrate a technique, or ones that could be used to further my own knowledge.

Michael is an excellent Illustrator teacher!

Todd was a great example of what you need when learning HTML. He was full of energy and made learning HTML fun. My computer ran a forced Windows update at the start of class but it was swapped out for me.

Michael was a great instructor - i came into the course with very minimal knowledge of photoshop and have learned a lot of information and skills that will be beneficial now and in the future as I continue to learn the program.

I'm glad I took a class to learn Illustrator rather than trying to pick this up on my own. There are so many tricks and techniques that it was good to have an expert guiding me.

Great class. Michael had a great knowledge of Photoshop and worked to help anyone with questions which made it a good learning experience. Thanks!

I like how the instructor shared and added their professional experiences, as well as their artistic ability, to the training. It was interesting to see how they use Photoshop in addition to learning all that photoshop can do.

Todd was great! I was the only student in the Animate class so I just asked questions and he taught me one-on-one the whole day. I learned a lot of new skills that I use at my job.

Michael did a wonderful job teaching the InDesign course and was very patient with any questions. This was my first experience taking an online course like this and I was very impressed with his knowledge and how easy it was to follow along but also how he made sure we were engaged. It wasn't just some distant instructor going through the material with very little emotion. He really knew the material and was enthusiastic to help. I will definitely be signing up for the intermediate course.

Jennifer was patient with the class as most of our group did not have formal design education before this class. All material was applicable and she kept it engaging. We loved this class!