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"I learned a lot about the UX process from the course. Great teacher."

Tina C
December 3, 2019

"Good instructor. Good class."

Gerry M
November 26, 2019

"Alex was awesome, his pace and explanation on every After Effects topic was excellent. His tone made the class exciting and made it very easy to pay attention all throughout the training. I'd highly recommend this class to any other student! I took the class online."

Olivia S
November 26, 2019

"Jennifer was amazing with her understanding of UX and how it can be applied. Kept things moving, but there was space for questions and interaction. The size of the class was perfect. The facilities and materials all worked very well."

Erin D
November 22, 2019

"I enjoyed my Illustrator class with Michael. He was engaging and made us feel at ease with our questions. I would definitely take another class with him."

Christina K
November 15, 2019

"Great instructor made for an awsome class. Learned so much about After Effects."

Keith G
November 13, 2019

"Michael is an excellent Illustrator teacher!"

Meredith H
November 12, 2019

"One of the best online instructors I've ever taken a course with; Alex was super knowledgeable and patient when helping me through my technical difficulties. I would absolutely take another class with Alex in the future. Well worth the investment! "

Brandi A
November 12, 2019

"I needed a class to learn After Effects and am glad I did because it was very easy to follow along. I enjoyed the extra materials that were provided and referenced throughout the class to either show examples, demonstrate a technique, or ones that could be used to further my own knowledge."

Kayla C
November 12, 2019

"Alex was extremely patient. Although we were all new to After Effects there were some with different levels of experience with digital video and he managed to keep us all engaged and learning."

Nicole T
November 12, 2019

"Todd was a great example of what you need when learning HTML. He was full of energy and made learning HTML fun. My computer ran a forced Windows update at the start of class but it was swapped out for me."

Monique P
November 9, 2019

"I'm glad I took a class to learn Illustrator rather than trying to pick this up on my own. There are so many tricks and techniques that it was good to have an expert guiding me."

Wendy J
November 7, 2019

"Todd was great! I was the only student in the Animate class so I just asked questions and he taught me one-on-one the whole day. I learned a lot of new skills that I use at my job. "

Brad F
November 6, 2019

"Well-run class. The teacher was very good at explaing UX concepts and how to apply them. He was also good at time management and ensuring everyone was following along. "

November 1, 2019

"Alex was my instructor for the intro Premier Pro class and I was happy to see that he was teaching the advanced class too! He does a great job and is very knowledgeable.Looking forward to my next class!"

Steve G
October 30, 2019

"Chris was a great instructor and this Google Analytics training was really helpful to me. He went a little overtime at the very end of the day, but it was because of specific questions from the participants. He answered every question clearly and in a way that related directly to each participants job and website. "

Kelley B
October 30, 2019

"Very patient teacher who knows Premiere Pro inside-out."

Sammi G
October 24, 2019

"The course was great, I appreciate the exercises to absorb skills before moving on to the next thing. I was a true beginner and appreciate that I can retake the class if needed. "

Dana P
October 16, 2019

"Overall the Creative Cloud class was fantastic. Michael was great as an instructor. He was fun and pleasantly interactive. He kept things moving along at a reasonable pace, and made sure that all participants could follow along. It was enjoyable and easy to follow. There were a few glitches but over all not enough to impact the ability to easily follow the course."

Kelly R
October 16, 2019

"Alex was a great instructor! He made learning Premiere Pro interesting and kept the flow moving. He did a good job making sure everyone was able to keep up and understand each topic."

Kat D
October 11, 2019

"I took the intro Premiere Pro course and it was a good fit for me even though some of the information I had already learned on my own. This course helped me understandthe techniques I can use to work in an easier and faster way. I learned so much. Realy clear instruction."

Brandon B
October 10, 2019

"He made the entire HTML class interesting, and was constantly engaged. The class was great, the teacher was easy going and knowledgable, he answered questions thoroughly. The training materials will assist me in my work moving forward, which will be incredibly helpful!"

Catherine B
October 10, 2019

"Michael was extremely knowledgeable about Illustrator - and very patient with novice learners! He gave clear directions, paced the course very well, allowed ample time for questions, and provided great suggestions. Thank you, Michael! I know that this course will help me in my work. "

Kate C
October 10, 2019

"Michael was able to point out new methods for things I already do in Illustrator. He was very clear and concise and managed to get through a lot of material in the allotted time. "

Paul L
October 10, 2019

"I took the After Effects class online and it felt like being in a real classroom- Alex was great about reviewing issues and giving us real-life tips. Very much enjoyed this and feel like I've gone from knowing nothing about the program to being able to getting started on actual projects."

brad c
October 8, 2019

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