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UX Class: UX Design Principles

UX Class: UX Design Principles

This UX design principles course is suitable for designers, developers, business analysts, and product managers. Previous UX training or UX design experience is not required prior to attending this foundational UX design course. This class offers the opportunity to gain a strategic understanding of user experience, including the UX design process and terminology. This UX design course can be taken on its own, or it can serve as the starting point for the UX Certificate program offered by American Graphics Institute. In this UX design course participants:

  • Discover the foundational principles necessary for creating successful user experiences.
  • Understand the typical user experience design process by working on your own app or website concept.
  • Find out how research drives your final design.
  • See how to align user needs to content on your screens.
  • Work towards creating a successful information architecture.
  • Use hands-on exercises to explore space, form, and function as they apply to successful UX design on every platform and device.
  • Gain experience in UX planning and prototyping as part of the UX design course.
  • Learn UX design from experts that bring practical, real-world experience into the classroom.

See the complete UX design principles course topics listed below, or download the PDF below for complete course information. This course is available live online or in-person in Boston, Philadelphia, or at your location nationwide.

This course is available individually or as part of these certificate programs:

UX Class: UX Design Principles Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


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UX Design Principles Course: Introduction to User Experience Design Principles course outline

Lesson 1: UX design overview

How to incorporate essential design principles into your app or website.

  • How design relates to usability and UX
  • How usability relates to success of apps and websites
  • Choosing a course project: your own app, website, or a concept

Lesson 2: Planning the UX of your app or website

An overview of the typical UX design workflow.

  • Understanding the typical UX design workflow
  • Applying design thinking techniques in order to brainstorm and collaborate
  • Creating scenarios to understand user needs
  • Defining features
  • Sketching navigation
  • Creating basic information architecture
  • Storyboarding

Lesson 3: UX design fundamentals

Discover online design fundamentals that help your users reach their goals.

  • Basic design principles for a better user experience
  • Principles of typography for UX
  • Form considerations

Lesson 4: Sketching your screens for user experience

Using UX design fundamentals to build successful screens.

  • Building the layout of your app or website
  • Working in an iterative UX process

Lesson 5: Building a UX prototype

Training for creating low-fidelity and high-fidelity UX prototypes.

  • Gathering input and reaction
  • Narrowing the scope of the project
  • Evolving the design

Lesson 6: Building a wireframe

Creating the layout for your app or website.

  • Understanding what makes a good wireframe
  • Creating an interactive wireframe

Lesson 7: Documentation, validation, and user testing

Testing designs and communicating UX with a development team.

  • Final visual design and redlines
  • Types of UX testing
  • Creating clear and useful documentation

There are no prerequisites for this user experience (UX) design class. This course is suitable for all levels of business analysts, product managers, developers, or ux designers.

UX Design Course Length

This UX design class is two-days in length and is available in our classrooms with a live instructor in the same room, or on other dates as a live online class.

UX Design Certification

You can expand your skills and seek to validate your user experience knowledge using the ISO international standard for UX design certification. Learn more about UX Design Certification.

You will receive comprehensive UX design course materials as well as sketchbook, pencils, and supplies when attending this UX class. UX course materials developed by Jennifer Smith, a highly skilled user experience designer and educator.

This UX design course teaches essential user experience design principles. It is the foundation of our UX classes.

UX Classes in Our Classroom

You can take this two-day UX design course in our classroom with a live instructor in the same classroom with you. It is available at our classrooms in Boston and Philadelphia. These regularly scheduled, public UX design workshops include small groups of professionals from various companies. A typical live UX design class involves a small group of between 6 and 10 participants, along with the instructor. These in-person UX classes include both individual and group exercises, along with reviews of user experience projects conducted in class. These in-person UX courses are two days in length, and open to the public. We can also deliver this as a private UX workshop for your group or organization.

UX Classes Online

This UX design course is also available as part of our live, online UX training from American Graphics Institute. The online UX courses are conducted with a live instructor, and are also limited to a small group. You can hear and see the instructor and their presentation, talk with them, ask questions, and participate in individual projects. Both UX classes include the same lecture materials, and are led by the same team of experienced faculty from American Graphics Institute. The online user experience courses include individual expercises and projects, while in-person classes include more group exercises. The same content is covered in both courses, and the same instructors lead both the in-person and online UX courses.

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