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9 Best Web Design Courses for 2022

  • Published on January 6, 2022

Our team of web design experts has assembled a list of the 9 best web design courses and classes for 2021. This includes both online web design courses and in-person web design classes with live instructors, as well as free web design tutorials. The list includes introduction, intermediate, and advanced web design classes to cover the needs of beginner through advanced learners. Our expert instructors who are the authors of multiple books on web design and web coding have assembled this list of the best ways for you to learn web design and provide information about each web design course, class and tutorial. This has been updated for 2022.

Best Web Design Courses and Classes:

  • Web Design Certificate

  • UX for Web Design Design Course

  • Web Design with WordPress Class: Introduction

  • Web Design with WordPress Class: Advanced

  • WordPress Web Design Bootcamp

  • UX Certificate

  • Web Design with HTML Class

  • Web Design using Advanced HTML Class

  • Web Design CSS Training Course


The 9 Best Web Design Courses


Web Design Certificate

Students who enroll in this web design course learn both design and coding schools. Participants learn to use web design tools and fundamental coding skills used by modern industry professionals. This program consists of 11 independent web design courses and results in a certificate upon completion. The courses use hands-on work to teach participants how to create, deploy, and maintain websites. Participants in this web design course finish the program with a web design portfolio and work with a career counselor for job placement.

Benefits of the Web Design Certificate:

  • Learn all stages of the user experience (UX) design process

  • Use HTML, XHTML, and CSS to create websites

  • Explore WordPress and Photoshop

  • Create web graphics and email campaigns

  • Complete a web design project

  • Build a portfolio for career placement

Format: Live program meets at scheduled times either online or in person

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UX Design Course for Web Design

A critical web design skill is learning user experience (UX) design. This two-day web design course is focused on learning the user experience design process and related terminology. New web design students, existing business analysts, product managers, developers, and designers study how early stages of research translate to final designs through hands-on exercises exploring space, form, and function. There are no prerequisites for this web design design class focused on UX..

Benefits of the web design course for learning UX Design:

  • Choose your own course project (app, website, or concept)

  • Create scenarios to understand user needs

  • Define features, sketch navigation, storyboard, and create basic information architecture

  • Learn the principles of typography

  • Gather input and reactions

  • Explore types of UX testing

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “The professor was amazing with her understanding of UX and how it can be applied. Kept things moving, but there was space for questions and interaction. The size of the class was perfect. The facilities and materials all worked very well.” - Erin D. 


Introduction to WordPress Class for Web Design

In this two-day introductory WordPress course, participants learning web design explore the content management system’s default theme and learn how to customize it. Lessons include formatting and organizing content, creating links, moderating comments, and more. This WordPress course starts with basics and is tailored for beginners and individuals with limited experience in the field of web design.

Benefits of the introductory WordPress training class for web design:

  • Learn to customize WordPress dashboards

  • Explore the visual, appearance, and HTML editors

  • Change the status and visibility of posts

  • Add content including text, images, and video to a WordPress site

  • Create custom comment settings

  • Install, edit, and delete plugins

  • Define user roles and permissions

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “[The instructor] was exceptional in his delivery, knowledge and organization. Also, he was patient and open to our questions throughout the class, no matter the level. This WordPress course was informative and [the instructor] made it entertaining and useful at the same time for all students involved. All 5-stars, awesome, clear, useful, and he already provided so many resources. The quality of the course was outstanding." - Ana E.


Advanced WordPress Class for Web Design

If you are familiar with WordPress, have a fundamental understanding of HTML and CSS, and are looking to expand your web design skills, this two-day advanced WordPress class is a good fit for you. Those completing this web design course using WordPress will be able to fully develop and manage their own WordPress websites by sharpening their skills through practice. Topics covered include building web pages, customizing themes, and utilizing plugins.

Benefits of the advanced WordPress Training Class for web design::

  • Customize WordPress themes

  • Customize themes using the web inspector tool

  • Learn about search engine optimization

  • Create development WordPress sites for testing

  • Get feedback specific to your site

  • Troubleshoot issues

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “The instructor did an excellent job with presenting the WordPress material and making certain that the students were understanding everything. He also focused more on the areas that the students needed and wanted. I feel like I'm at a place where I can really use my WordPress skills. They provided us with a lot of great resources going forward and he emailed us additional training notes.” - Tony B.


WordPress Bootcamp for web design

For those learning web design who want to understand all that WordPress has to offer as a content management system, this four-day intensive is a good fit. Participants in this web design with wordpress bootcamp study foundational skills in combination with advanced techniques. Students learn how to set up their website, install themes, upload media, and troubleshoot issues in this hands-on class.

Benefits of the WordPress Bootcamp for web design:

  • Learn to create WordPress sites

  • Discover how to use plugins and themes

  • Learn about media metadata and the uploading process

  • Change the status and visibility of posts

  • Set default behaviors for comments and establish an approval process

  • Explore user roles and permissions

  • Add, edit, order, and delete pages

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates


UX Certificate for Web Design

Learn to specialize in the web design field of user experience design in this multiweek program. Participants learn to organize and present information and navigation for users of websites and apps. All web design classes focused on UX provide significant hands-on work for individuals who design across a variety of devices. Upon completion of this program, AGI’s career counseling staff provides placement assistance to program graduates. Admission for both full- and part-time programs is rolling.

Benefits of the UX Certificate for web design:

  • Learn all stages of the user experience design process

  • Organize and structure content according assist users in their navigation

  • Prototype and test designs

  • Use Illustrator and Photoshop to create UX assets

  • Work with HTML and CSS to create web pages

  • Create responsive sites that render across mobile devices, tablets, and desktops

Format: Live program meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates


HTML Training Class for web design

The foundation for all web design is HTML. It is essential for web designers to know the foundations of web coding with HTML and CSS, even when working with a content management system such as WordPress or working in a web design role focused on UX. In this two-day web design class, students learn fundamental HTML and CSS coding skills to establish their own capabilities through exercises and practice. In addition to mastering the tools necessary for building and maintaining websites, participants in this web design course also learn the industry’s best practices.

Benefits of the HTML Training Class for web design:

  • Review web standards, hosting, and service providers

  • Utilize wireframing and storyboarding to plan information architecture

  • Use styles to define the information hierarchy of a website

  • Learn the aesthetic values of grid layouts and how they function online

  • Create a wireframe layout

  • Design for mobile and other devices

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “The HTML training was really good. The instructor would follow up with a student’s question to confirm if he answered the question or not. I thought that was a great teaching technique demonstrating commitment to ensure learning. The instructor was extremely responsive with resolving questions or coding glitches.” -Carolle N.


Web Design with Advanced HTML & CSS3

This course is for web designers that plan to build their own websites and will be coding websites using HTML and CSS. This class covers the sectioning elements, video, audio, accessibility CSS3, local storage, geolocation and other advanced topics.

Benefits of the Web Design with Advanced HTML Class:

  • Create advanced HTML forms

  • Work with video and audio tags

  • Explore the canvas element and stye HTML elements

  • Improve accessibility while building websites

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “This advanced HTML class was my favorite class ever! Every student I talked with agreed that this was by far the most important, informative, and fun class we have taken. This was absolutely advanced HTML and CSS. Everything we learned in this class is truly invaluable. This is the class that will help me advance with my career goals.” - Wendy J.


Web Design using CSS Training Course 

This course provides foundational web design skills with an introduction to using selectors, cascading, inheritance, and other CSS capabilities. This web design course teaches participants how to style text and position content, while also gaining a better understanding of how CSS works. This course is a good follow-up to the introductory web design course.

Benefits of the introductory CSS Training Course:

  • Learn the fundamentals and anatomy of CSS

  • Use selectors, cascading, and inheritance 

  • Utilize embedded and external style sheets

  • Style text and backgrounds

  • Position content with padding, alignment, and floats

  • Combine CSS and HTML to make complete layouts

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “[The instructor] really did a phenomenal job with the CSS class. He's well spoken and his instructions were very easy to understand. I had no problem following along whatsoever and he was very helpful whenever one of us had a problem. I really was pleasantly surprised by how engaging this course was. I will certainly recommend AGI classes to others.” - Victoria J.

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