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7 Best WordPress Courses and Classes for 2022

  • Published on March 18, 2022
Best WordPress courses

Our team of WordPress experts has assembled details on the 7 Best WordPress Classes for 2022. This list includes online WordPress courses that you can access from anywhere, as well as in-person WordPress classes with a live instructor in the classroom. Among the courses is a two-day basics course that starts at the very beginning for new users, as well as an intensive Wordpress bootcamp that provides four days of intensive learning, along with an advanced WordPress class, and other workshops focused on specific coding capabilities. This list of best WordPress classes emphasizes introductory and foundational courses to cover the needs of learners who are just starting to use WordPress or who need basic skills, although some advanced courses are included for those who need to expand their skills.

Best WordPress Courses and Classes

  • WordPress Training Class — Introduction

  • WordPress Training Class — Advanced

  • WordPress Bootcamp

  • Web Design Certificate

  • HTML Training Class

  • Advanced HTML Training Class: HTML5 & CSS3

  • CSS Training Course —  Introduction

7 Best WordPress Courses and Tutorials for 2021

WordPress Training Class — Introduction

If you have been tasked with managing a WordPress site or are looking to understand best practices for setup, adding content, and managing a site this two-day introductory WordPress class is designed for new users or those with no formal training. Students start with the basics of WordPress, such as setup and adding content, and progress toward concepts like formatting, themes, and organizing pages and posts. Lessons also cover administrative duties, such as user-generated content, roles, comments, and settings.

Benefits of the introductory WordPress training class:

  • Learn to customize WordPress dashboards

  • Find out how to update WordPress, plugins, and themes

  • Discover how to add, edit, and delete WordPress pages

  • Add content including text, images, and video to a WordPress site

  • Set default behaviors for comments

  • Define attributes for WordPress pages and posts

  • Import content from other sites

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “[The instructor] was exceptional in his delivery, knowledge and organization. Also, he was patient and open to our questions throughout the class, no matter the level. This WordPress course was informative and [the instructor] made it entertaining and useful at the same time for all students involved. All 5-stars, awesome, clear, useful, and he already provided so many resources. The quality of the course was outstanding." - Ana E.

WordPress Training Class — Advanced

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics of WordPress, you can sharpen your skills and strengthen your confidence by enrolling in this two-day advanced WordPress course. Students gain hands-on experience building websites while learning to utilize plugins, features, and customizable themes. This course also details the process of planning a website, search engine optimization, and site backups.

Benefits of the advanced WordPress Training Class:

  • Customize WordPress themes

  • Theme customization using a web inspector tool

  • Learn about search engine optimization

  • Practice backing-up and restoring WordPress sites

  • Understand and use different content types

  • Troubleshoot issues

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “[The instructor] did an excellent job with presenting the WordPress material and making certain that the students were understanding everything. He also focused more on the areas that the students needed and wanted. I feel like I'm at a place where I can really use my WordPress skills. [The instructor] provided us with a lot of great resources going forward and he emailed us additional training notes.” - Tony B.

WordPress Bootcamp

This four-day intensive WordPress training teaches students foundational skills through advanced topics for use in WordPress. By the end of the course, students will have learned the setup process and how to update a site as needed. Additional topics covered include using media in WordPress, installing themes, and troubleshooting common WordPress issues.

Benefits of the WordPress Bootcamp:

  • Work with the visuals and HTML editors

  • Change the status and visibility of posts

  • Learn to deal with spam and create a comment approval process

  • Find, install, edit, and delete plugins

  • Explore user roles and permissions

  • Change default page behaviors

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Web Design Certificate

If you are ready to start a career in web design or want to gain a well-rounded set of skills beyond WordPress, the Web Design Certificate program is a good option. The certificate program consists of 11 hands-on courses, including WordPress training. Learn through a hands-on approach to develop websites and gain assistance in small workshops. The course list covers a variety of topics, including web design principles, coding skills, and graphics as well as WordPress. Participants finish the program with a web design portfolio and work with a career counselor for job placement.

Benefits of the Web Design Certificate:

  • Learn the core principles of user experience design

  • Plan, design, and create websites using HTML and CSS

  • Maximize web functionality and appeal

  • Adapt sites to various screen sizes and resolutions

  • Create images for web, HTML email, and mobile use

  • Build a web design portfolio

Format: Live program meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: TK

HTML Training Class

The foundation for all WordPress sites in HTML, and it’s useful to know the basics of web design and web development even when working in the WordPress interface. In this two-day class, students receive an overview of the HTML and CSS coding skills before establishing their own abilities through hands-on exercises. In addition to mastering the tools necessary for building and maintaining websites, participants also learn the industry’s best practices.

Benefits of the HTML Training Class:

  • Review web standards, hosting, and service providers

  • Utilize wireframing and storyboarding

  • Use styles to define the information hierarchy of a website

  • Create and use CSS for text formatting

  • Style DIVs with borders, background colors, and padding

  • Design for mobile and other devices

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “The HTML training was really good. [The instructor] would follow up with a student’s question to confirm if he answered the question or not. I thought that was a great teaching technique demonstrating commitment to ensure learning. [The instructor] was extremely responsive with resolving questions or coding glitches.” -Carolle N.

Advanced HTML Training Class: HTML5 & CSS3

If you’ve gotten the basics of web design and development down, this course can help you cultivate advanced skills for use in your WordPress sites. Students learn about new sectioning elements, styling with CSS3, Local Storage, Geolocation, and more over the course of two days. Because students will learn these advanced techniques through hands-on exercises, previous experience with HTML and CSS is required before enrolling in this course.

Benefits of the Advanced HTML Training Class:

  • Use the HTML5 Doctype and character encoding

  • Understand and work with different elements

  • Improve accessibility while building websites

  • Implement fallbacks for users with different browsers

  • Work with the revised Javascript API

  • Learn about HTML5’s offline capabilities

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “This advanced HTML class was my favorite class ever! Every student I talked with agreed that this was by far the most important, informative, and fun class we have taken. This was absolutely advanced HTML and CSS. Everything we learned in this class is truly invaluable. This is the class that will help me advance with my career goals.” - Wendy J.

CSS Training Course — Introduction

From using selectors to styling text and positioning content, this Cascading Style Sheets course is ready to equip you with the tools to structure your WordPress websites as you customize themes and page designs. Designed for beginners, this course aims to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of how CSS elements work so that they can design with confidence.

Benefits of the introductory CSS Training Course:

  • Learn the anatomy of CSS

  • Create an embedded style sheet

  • Employ margins and position content

  • Style font properties through spacing, lengthening, and aligning

  • Explore Quirks Mode in Internet Explorer

  • Combine CSS and HTML to make complete layouts

Format: Live class meets at scheduled times either online or in person

Course details and dates

Student review: “[The instructor] really did a phenomenal job with the CSS class. He's well spoken and his instructions were very easy to understand. I had no problem following along whatsoever and he was very helpful whenever one of us had a problem. I really was pleasantly surprised by how engaging this course was. I will certainly recommend AGI classes to others.” - Victoria J.


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