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Private UX Classes

AGI has been teaching UX courses in for more than a decade, including
public UX classes and private UX training for groups.

Private UX training for teams and groups
  • Private UX training at your location or an AGI classroom.
  • UX courses customized to your business objectives and needs.
  • Private UX classes for UX teams
  • UX training for all roles: business analysts, interaction designers, product managers, UX and UI professionals.

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Private UX Classes from the Experts

AGI offers customized UX Training and private UX classes at your office or at AGI's classrooms. Whether you need introductory UX training for a group, or an advanced UX workshop, our user experience professionals can help you and your team get the skills they need both quickly and effectively. Our private UX classes are more than training, as they provide great team-building exercises. Useful information to know about AGI:

  • More than 50,000 individuals trained
  • 90 of the Fortune 100 have been clients
  • Have done work for Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Google
  • Specialize in UX, Design, Web, and Interactive principles, apps and technologies
  • Instructors are the authors of more than 50 books that are used as textbooks around the globe

Contact AGI to learn more about our private UX classes and customized UX training options by either using the form below or calling the location nearest you:

  • Boston headquarters: (781) 376-6044
  • New York City: (212) 922-1206,
  • Philadelphia: (610) 228-0951

Average 5 out of 5 from all reviewers!

"The UX class covered a lot of material. I took it online with Sean and he is a well organized and engaging instructor." -
"Overall the UX course with Sean was helpful. The only snag was that I originally received a presentation that contained much of the same material but it was missing a slide. The insrtuctor had updated the handouts and I received an earlier version. He sent them to me once we discovered this issue. " -
"Sean is a very effective trainer for the UX class. His diverse background gives him the ability to relay information to each learner in an impactful way by providing examples and analogies that make sense to the individual based on their background. He also provided the reason we were being told to perform tasks a certain way. For example, why avoid certain fonts or backgrounds. I found that very helpful in solidifying my understanding of the content. Sean is an excellent trainer who understands the content as well as how to effectively deliver it to the learner. " -

Request a personal response

We'll provide you personalized
training options right away.