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Google Tag Manager Training Class Online on August 25, 2022

Google Tag Manager Training Class

Thu, Aug 25 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2020-01-23 16:31:01 $495.00

Attend this Google Tag Manager training and discover how to manage and use this powerful tag management system. Find out how to create and apply Google Tag Manager tags, triggers, and variables. Discover how to efficiently track events, gather Google Analytics data, and deploy tags without needing to access a website’s code or content management system. Google Tag Manager is an essential skill for modern marketing and analytics professionals. This Google Tag Manager course is led by a live instructor.

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    Specific topics covered in this Google Tag Manager course

    • Benefits of using GTM
    • Why GTM is needed
    • Tag management overview
    • Google Analytics vs. Google Tag Manager
    • How GTM expands Analytics capabilities configuration
    • GTM Implementation Planning
    • How GTM Works
    • Understanding Tags and triggers
    • GTM Account Set-up
    • Using GTM with multiple users
    • Working with GTM Containers
    • GTM Container & WordPress
    • Verifying GTM installation
    • GTM for Web vs. Apps.
    • GTM Container Dashboard
    • About the GTM Data Layer
    • How Data Layer receives information
    • Previewing the Data Layer
    • Pushing content to data layer
    • Extracting from data layer
    • Preview process
    • Using Preview Mode
    • Tag Container Publishing Options
    • GTM Container Versions
    • Testing and Debugging data
    • Version Control
    • GTM Tags in Depth
    • Examples of Tag Usage
    • Most Common GTM Tags
    • Creating a Tag
    • Creating GA Pageview Tag
    • Testing and QA of tags
    • Scripts and Pixels: Custom HTML
    • Google Ads tag for Remarketing
    • Conversion Linker Tag
    • Google Tag Manager and Third-Party tags
    • Understanding Tags vs. Triggers
    • Triggers in depth
    • Trigger Types
    • Creating a Trigger
    • Planning for Triggers
    • Variables in depth
    • Variable Examples
    • Using Variables in GTM
    • Click Variables
    • Verifying Variables
    • Built-in Variables
    • User Defined Variables
    • Variable Operators
    • Variable Values
    • Examples of variables used by Tags
    • Examples of variables used by Triggers
    • Adding Variables
    • Create GA Property Variable
    • Creating a New Variable for GA Property
    • Replace GA Pageview Property ID with gaProperty Variable
    • Sending page interaction data to GA as Events
    • GA Events and Tags
    • Using Variables to send Event data
    • Easily Create GA Event
    • Engagement Tracking
    • Engagement Tracking: Variables
    • Engagement Tracking: Triggers
    • Engagement Tracking: Link Clicks
    • Engagement: Time on page
    • Scroll Tracking
    • Create GA Tag for Scroll Depth:
    • Create Trigger for Scroll Depth
    • Element Visibility Trigger
    • Engagement Tracking: Tags
    • Tracking Button Clicks:
    • YouTube Videos
    • Ecommerce
    • GTM Account administration & organization
    • Google Tag Manger Workspaces
    • Admin functionality
    • Users
    • Containers
    • Folders
    • Tag naming
    • Variable naming
    • Tag Sequencing
    • Monitoring user-input Forms
    • Setting up Cross Domain Tracking
    • Deploy Google Ads Code with GTM
    • Custom Dimensions and Metrics
    • Collecting dynamic variables
    • Formatting User Defined Variables
    • Importing & Exporting Containers
    • Troubleshooting Google Tag Manager
    • GTM Resources