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Microsoft Excel Class Online August 10, 2022 Advanced

Excel Class - Advanced

Wed, Aug 10 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2020-03-16 16:49:41 $249.00

This advanced Excel class will turn you into an Excel power user, making you more efficient in every way in which you use Excel. Learn to use powerful Excel capabilities including macros, nested functions, and sensitivity analysis in this one-day advanced course.

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Advanced Excel Class Topics Covered

The Advanced Microsoft Excel training course covers the following topics:

Excel Cell Management

  • Cell Locking: Learn to create powerful formulas by locking columns or rows.
  • Cell Auditing: Understand the relationship between formulas and cells.
  • Windows: Discover techniques for editing active windows.
  • Hot Keys: Learn to use the ribbon as a custom set of personalized shortcuts.

Using Special Formatting in Excel

  • Date functions: Learn to calculate dates using several functions
  • Conditional Formatting of Formulas: Discover how to use conditional formatting of formulas using custom rules.

Understanding Advanced Excel Functions

  • Nested IF statements: Learn to use nested IF statements to create multiple options for populating cells
  • IF statements using AND/OR: Learn additional IF functions available by using AND / OR

Using Excel for What If Analysis

  • Goal Seek: Adjust input values to find desired results
  • Data Tables: Display the range of effects for one or two variables on a formula using Data Tables.

Understanding Advanced Analytical Tools in Excel

  • Data Consolidation: Learn to summarize data from separate ranges, consolidating it to a specific output range
  • Conditional SumProduct: Learn how using SumProduct with conditions excludes data that fails to meet specific criteria
  • Pivot Table-Calculations: Learn to create calculated columns and rows using a Pivot Table to expand beyond source data
  • Pivot Charts: Learn to build dynamic visual representations of data from pivot tables

Using Excel’s Advanced Database Functions

  • MATCH function: Learn to return the column or row number of a lookup value
  • VLOOKUP-MATCH: Create more accurate VLookUps through enhancing the determination of the Column Index number
  • INDEX-MATCH: Efficiently return values and references from cells at the intersection of the row and column
  • INDEX-Double MATCH: Learn to use a second Match function to create powerful two-way lookups

Learning Macros in Excel

  • Recording Macros: Learn to record Macros involving formatting and calculations
  • Relative Macros: Understand how to create relative reference macros used in ad-hoc reporting