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InDesign Class in Boston on January 23 2023 Advanced

InDesign Class - Advanced

Mon, Jan 23 2023 to
Tue, Jan 24 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
AGI Training Boston
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Boston
120 Presidential Way
Woburn MA 01801

2012-10-16 10:42:40 $795.00

Move from proficiency to mastery with this advanced InDesign class. Created for designers ready to explore the exceptional capabilities of InDesign, participants learn how to leverage templates, advanced color features, create interactive documents, and share using digital publishing options in this two-day advanced InDesign course.

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Advanced InDesign Class: Complete Topics Covered

    Building InDesign Templates

    • Advantages of template use
    • Creating a template layer
    • Loading swatches
    • Loading styles
    • Creating master pages
    • Basing masters
    • Overriding and detaching master objects
    • Creating styles
    • Basing styles
    • Clearing style overrides

    Using Color and Transparency in InDesign

    • Adjusting gradients
    • Using the Eyedropper with colors
    • Copying swatches between documents
    • Previewing color separations
    • Connecting effects and transparency
    • Feathering graphic margins
    • Blending mode options
    • Solving printing issues
    • Transparency flattener options
    • Understanding stitching

    Working with Long Documents using InDesign

    • Combining files into books
    • Setting the page order
    • Creating a table of contents
    • Specifying a style source
    • Synchronizing long documents
    • Creating an index
    • Adding topics and cross-references
    • Generating an index
    • Exporting a book file
    • Print Booklet

    Harnessing InDesign's XML capabilities

    • Viewing XML
    • Importing XML tags
    • Applying tags to text
    • Applying tags to graphic
    • Using the Structure pane
    • Exporting a document to XML
    • Importing XML data
    • Mapping tags to styles and styles to tags
    • Understanding DTD files
    • Validating XML structure

    Using InDesign Data Merge

    • Merging steps
    • Choosing a data source
    • Inserting a text data field
    • Adding image fields
    • Previewing records
    • Updating data fields
    • Removing data fields
    • Replacing data fields
    • Merging records
    • Using data fields on master pages

    Creating Interactive Documents using InDesign

    • Adding TOC bookmarks
    • Arranging, grouping and sorting bookmarks
    • Creating a hyperlink
    • Creating a button
    • Action types
    • Changing button appearance
    • Adding a movies or sound
    • Choosing a poster frame
    • Changing movie options
    • Selecting an Acrobat format

    Creating Interactive Documents using InDesign

    • Adding TOC bookmarks
    • Arranging, grouping and sorting bookmarks
    • Creating hyperlinks
      • URLs
      • Emails
      • Page destinations
    • TOC markers
    • Index markers
    • Cross references in InDesign
    • Creating buttons with InDesign
    • Understanding action types
    • Changing button appearance
    • Adding a movies or sound to InDesign documents
    • Choosing a poster frame
    • Changing movie options

    Advanced interactive options with InDesign

    • Creating motion paths
    • Using existing objects as a motion path
    • Working with motion presets
    • Using Timing to change animation sequences
    • Using Layers for interactive elements
    • Building and organizing animations
    • Creating animation effects: type, slideshows, color transitions, and scrolling text.
    • Importing animations

    Sharing InDesign documents using Adobe Publish Online

    • Understanding InDesign's Publish Online capabilities and limitations
    • Design considerations for Adobe publish online
    • Using Spreads in Digital Documents
    • Creating multi-page documents
    • Designing InDesign pages with different sizes
    • Understanding InDesign's Publishing settings
    • Sharing options: social media, email
    • Setting default view
    • PDF download option
    • Setting Image quality
    • Creating document thumbnail image
    • Updating previously published documents
    • Viewing analytics for published documents
    • Viewing published documents online: navigating the interface
    • Embedding Adobe Publish Online documents within a website

    InDesign Productivity Enhancers

    • Customizing keyboard shortcuts
    • Using Smart Guides
    • Importing and pasting text
    • Using the Eyedropper on text
    • Applying styles efficiently
    • Nested and next styles
    • Updating styled text
    • Using libraries and snippets
    • Enabling Layout Adjustment
    • Proportionally placing graphics

    Helpful Preferences

    • Applying leading to entire paragraphs
    • Enabling Smart Text Reflow
    • Controlling text wrap
    • Setting up a baseline grid
    • Changing units and increments
    • Choosing the appearance of black
    • Viewing and changing the baseline grid
    • Restoring preferences and defaults
    • Resetting warning boxes
    • Clipboard Handling