UX Classes in Philadelphia

UX Classes Philadelphia
About UX Classes in Philadelphia

American Graphics Institute has been delivering public and private Philadelphia UX Classes for more than a decade. We offer regularly scheduled public Philadelphia UX classes and private training. Our many clients include companies of all sizes, non-profit agencies, and educational institutions. AGI provides Philadelphia UX training to employees working in marketing, communications, design and a variety of business roles.


UX Classes Philadelphia
UX Courses in Philadelphia from expert instructors

American Graphics Institute’s live Philadelphia UX Classes are led by expert instructors from American Graphics Institute with extensive experience in Digital design. 

The instructors in that lead our live Philadelphia UX Classes are experts on Digital design and  UX. American Graphics Institute teachers are also available for private UX training which can be delivered on-site at your location or as a live online course.

Why trust AGI for Philadelphia UX classes

AGI instructors in Philadelphia are UX experts, having worked in the UX field for more than two decades. With experience providing UX consulting and training for large technology firms such as Microsoft, major insurance companies including Aetha, and retailers like CVS. AGI instructors have extensive real-world UX experience. Additionally, AGI instructors pursue advanced professional development training in the field of UX. Our instructional team includes staff with advanced degrees in the fields of human factors, human-computer interaction, and other UX fields. Our instructors publish articles and speak regularly at national and international UX conferences. Additionally many of our staff hold the ISO standard certification for UX skills, the CPUX-F certification. AGI is the only school in North America offering preparation and training for this internationally recognized UX certification. Founded in suburban Philadelphia more than 25 years ago, AGI is a local, trusted source for UX training, certification, and courses.

Learn UX in Philadelphia with Live Instructors & In-person classes

American Graphics Institute has offered UX training in Philadelphia for more than two decades, with live, in-person courses . While remote classes are available, in-person learning is available for most regularly scheduled UX courses. AGI also offers a UX Certificate and UX Bootcamp program. These professional development courses make it possible for individuals in Philadelphia to learn UX quickly and easily, and for corporations to provide UX training to teams. Contact AGI to discuss options if you are interested in arranging private UX training or call (610) 228-0951.

The Role of UX Professionals in Philadelphia

UX Professionals in Philadelphia determine how to meet the needs of users interacting with systems, including websites and apps. Learning UX teaches you to better understand user goals, prioritize needs, and define requirements. UX designers create well organized websites that allow visitors to efficiently perform tasks, or apps that are simple to use. UX designers also save businesses time and money, as the expertise in planning saves time and cost with fewer revisions. Many Philadelphia area businesses realize that there is a return on investment associated with UX design, and hire UX designers to provide a competitive advantage.

Learning UX design provides opportunities for specialized roles in UX research, prototyping, as well as general user experience design positions. With UX classes learn to efficiently create effective experiences for users of websites and apps. Find out how to make content easier to locate, understand how to effectively build navigation, and best practices for structuring and organizing content within a website or app to create exceptional user experiences.

UX Design Careers in Philadelphia

With UX skills in demand across Philadelphia, and roles available in digital agencies, advertising, marketing, and media, these skills are essential for anyone wanting to work in these fields. Learning UX is an important step in working in UX roles in Philadelphia . These roles provide a solid career opportunity. Nationally UX roles are expected to grow based upon data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

UX Jobs in Philadelphia

There are many UX focused jobs in Philadelphia, with salaries ranging from $80,000 to $105,000 for mid-level UD designer roles. According to Indeed, UX jobs in Philadelphia tend to pay at the top end of the range, with salaries of $95,000.

Philadelphia area companies across many sectors, including financial services firms such as PNC Bank hire UX designers, as do tech companies with a large presence in Philadelphia Comcast, making Philadelphia a good city for finding a UX job.

UX Organizations in Philadelphia

AGI staff are members of the UX Professionals Association (UXPA) Philadelphia chapter, and regularly speak at the annual Philadelphia UX Conference and support local UX career events in Philadelphia such as portfolio reviews and interview preparation. You can find out more about the UXPA chapter and upcoming local UX events at the UXPA Philadelphia website.

Philadelphia UX classes location

Our UX classes in Philadelphia are held in our Conshohocken training center.

You can take SEPTA from Center City Philadelphia to reach our classrooms where we teach our UX Classes. Take the R6 - Norristown Line to the Conshohocken station. From the station, walk up to E. Elm Street and make a left turn, towards Fayette Street. Cross the street at the light onto W. Elm Street. Our UX courses are held in the beige and blue building on your left. Clients attending a UX Design class in Philadelphia who are visiting from outside the area can fly into Philadelphia International Airport.

Private UX Classes in Philadelphia

AGI also offers private, onsite UX training in the Philadelphia area, which can occur at your office. For details complete a custom UX Design training request form.

Philadelphia UX experts

The UX classes in Philadelphia at American Graphics Institute are led by experienced professionals with significant experience in creating and designing websites and apps. They couple their user experience background with extensive teaching backgrounds to provide for an exceptional class.

Learn about UX education and training

Find out more about learning UX and related developments that impact professionals. Written by experts, you can discover why it's important to learn UX, the best options for learning, along with in-depth background information, as well as recent news and events.

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UX Classes Philadelphia

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UX Classes Philadelphia

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UX Classes Philadelphia

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UX Classes Philadelphia

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AGI's team of experienced instructors are led by  the design and usability expert and best-selling author of more than 20 books including Creative Cloud for Dummies, Creative Suite for Dummies, and Photoshop Digital Classroom. Classes are led by experienced professionals who have extensive professional and training experience, and also work in our consulting practice areas and as practicing professionals. For Federal agencies, American Graphics Institute classes are offered under GSA contract 47QTCA19D003Y.